Understanding What Courage is (not).


If a person appears on television once or twice, does this make him or her a television celebrity?

How about a man who played in his soccer team when he was in school, does this make him a professional soccer star?

A person assembles an electrical appliance, does this make him an electrician?

The answers to these questions seem obvious, and to conclude in the affirmative would be absurd.

Yet, in other areas of life that demand action, we are too quick to conclude things based on our perception.

Just like our examples above, courage is not an act! Courage is a mindset and lifestyle based on understanding.

There may be an act of courage with little or no understanding, but there never is a life of courage void of it.

A lifestyle of courage exemplifies consistency.

An act of courage may never be reproduced again.

For example,  giving a one time donation to a charity may be a generous act of giving, yet it  does not make you a  benevolent person. Likewise, an act of courage or courageous deed does not stamp on you the emblem of bravery.

If courage is a mindset based on understanding in a given area or subject, it follows that true courage is consistent (because it is a lifestyle). So areas in our lives which lack consistency lack an understanding.


The reason is that, courage is a byproduct of a deep-rooted understanding.


Put slightly different, courage is the result of a lifestyle that has embraced knowledge in the arena it finds itself. (Note: Having knowledge is not the same as embracing it).



What area do you need to take courage in?


Perhaps you are at a crossroad, and you need to make some decisions that are tough, yet necessary. Courage in the face of all odds is what you need.


Courage is not a nominal or average term, not the norm in society. It is called courage because it defies nominal or average thinking.  This is why courageous people never get counsel from average thinkers; average thinkers will bring them back to the norm.



Maybe there are things that you find yourself in today. You have knowledge of the implications and ramifications for the kind of action(s) you need to take.


Regardless of the circumstance, with God’s help it’s time to take action! And while you are at it BE CONSISTENT!


This Word For The Week is a modified excerpt from our book, Uncovering the Hidden Stranger Within: Anwering the Question of Identity.

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