Time to Soar!

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It is time to soar!

Look at yourself in a mirror and declare “…it is time for me to spread my wings like the eagle and soar!”


A young child has many influences in his life. Parents and family members encouraging and speaking into him builds confidence in him, in most cases this child grows up believing in himself, growing a strong self-esteem.

Some are not as fortunate, raised in an abusive environment  they struggle to find an identity in life.

Irrespective of your family situation, life experiences or  upbringing, the moment you make decision to move up in life things begin to change.

The first step is deciding in your heart that the time to soar is now. Believe you can and things will start aligning your way to make it happen. Ideas on things to do, or resources to look for will begin to cross your mind.


My objective with this post is to encourage you to make the second half of this year an amazing one.

It does not matter the limitation you may have faced in the first half.

Move past the mistakes or failure of the past (learn from them though).

The future ahead of you is bright, and you have all it takes to achieve all that you have purposed to accomplish. Don’t let anything hold you back

People might have talked down on you, your family may have given up on you, sad as that might be…it does not determine how far you will get in life.

The most important thing is that you do not give up on yourself, decide today to take things to the next level.

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “everything I need to make it to the top is in me!”

Create a habit of encouraging yourself and building yourself confidence.

Stay away from people who talk you down and start surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring people.

Continue to invest in yourself.

Let everyday move you closer to your dreams! #Thebestisyettocome!


Photo credits: image by BN Singh

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