There Are No Limits…Don’t Believe Otherwise

NO LIMITS written on directional black metal sign

Have you ever heard people talk about the glass ceiling?

I remember listening to one of the wealthiest men in the world talk about the beliefs in his home growing up.

He said his parents believed where opportunities peaked for his sisters is a starting point for him. I wonder how the sisters felt about that…

Even though we have moved on as a society in terms of the opportunities that is available to women and how women are treated. Laws have changed to promote gender equality among other things. In the minds of many things have not changed.

A lot of people still see limit where none exist.

It is all in the mind.

There is no law prohibiting your ambition, there is no physical hindrance preventing you from going as far as you can.

If there are no limits in your mind, there are no limits at all. Do yourself a big favor take that limit off.

There are no glass ceilings, absolutely nothing stopping you.

Most times, the limits are placed their by listening to what people say. “Nobody in your family has ever gone to college” or ” You will never be loved that way…its not done anymore”

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. If your mind has been filled with mediocre thoughts, start changing it today.

Change what you watch, listen to or read and you will change your life.

Look you up, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. Spread out your wings like the eagle, go as far as you desire because you really can!

image by BN Singh
image by BN Singh

 Whether you think you can or you cannot …you are right. – Henry Ford

All things are possible to him that believes The bible

Photo credits:  stancuiuc | dollarphotoclub


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