The Single Attribute For Success

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So many times people talk about life success, accomplishing goals and making the most of every opportunity.

This shows how important this subject is. Right?

What attributes should you develop to better position yourself for success?

One primary attribute is INTEGRITY

Really? Yes it is.

I know you might have been expecting something completely different.

May be some profound attribute that requires a lot of effort to develop. No.

There are many attributes that will lead to success in any endeavor but only one attribute stands out. Think about the story below:

Have you ever heard about the cyclist Lance Armstrong?

He is an athlete who started competing at the age of 16.

He began his cycling career in 1992 and within four years had notable success.

These success include winning the World Championship in 1993, Clasica de San Sebastian in 1995, Tour DuPont in 1995 and 1996.

He won the summer 2000 Olympics and many more titles after. The World Anti Doping Agency then discovered that he was using performance enhancing drugs.

An accusation Mr Armstrong did not dispute mainly because of the toll the entire process was taking on his family. He later confessed and agreed to some of the allegations.

A number of his titles were stripped from him and he was banned from competing in other competitions.

Think about it, is integrity really important?

I am sure you will agree with me it is.

Not only in little things but also in big things as well.

If you ever have to ask yourself, is this right? Don’t do it.

Set the bar as high as you can possibly think of and stay with it.

Planning for success, without integrity is a set up for failure.

Don’t make that mistake and develop the most important attribute for success now.

Metal Integrity Text



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