The Joy of Motherhood


Successful moms are not the one who never struggled They are the ones who never give up despite their struggles. – Sharon Jaynes

My boys made special craft for Mothers day in school yesterday and they were so excited to show it off as we drove home. As we talked about mother’s day, my 5 year old son asked ” when is children’s day? I smiled and replied ” everyday” at least in my books. Not a day goes by when a mother is not thinking about or doing something to enhance their children’s life.
The most beautiful thing I have learnt about parenting is to adopt the right perspective and enjoy every moment. I have highlighted a few examples below:

1. Not Perfect but Content: I remember my son’s first 100 day of school. Parents were expected to work with the kids to make hats they will wear to school to mark the day. Days before the day, some parents were already bringing their finished hats to school. I remember seeing those hats and wondering if a professional artist designed them. Crafts is not one of my strong points nor my husband’s ( that may be putting things really mildly).  We enjoyed every bit of the moment making the hat with our son. Guess what? My son believed he had the coolest hat in his class. It does not matter what any body thought, in his eyes his hat was the coolest. One thing I have learnt about motherhood is to not to focus on little short comings but  instead give everything your best and enjoy every moment. Embrace who you are as you make progress to becoming the best you can possibly be.

2. Demanding but Gratifying: Mothers wear many hats, they are the cook, the driver, the tutor, the professional, the wife… the list goes on. Juggling so many responsibilities make schedules very busy sometimes if not most times for moms. Busy has it may be, the joy and gratification that comes with motherhood makes it all worth it. Learning to focus on the joys and gratification of motherhood as we journey to finding the balance you desire is really important.

3. Ever learning, Never giving up: Motherhood is an unending circle of learning. Just when you thought you mastered taking care of your young child, they become teenagers and a new learning circle begins. Where ever you are in your journey, learning is inevitable. No matter how steep the learning curve is, choose never to give up. You have all it takes to successfully raise the wonderful child or children God has blessed you with. Happy Mother’s Day!

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7 thoughts on “The Joy of Motherhood

  1. Beautifully written, I can absolutely relate with your points. Moms need to just embrace who they are and enjoy the journey! Absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing!

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