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You Are Destined For The Top…Nothing Less.


Have you ever tried to immerse a balloon in water?

You try hard with both hands, but what do you experience?

The balloon always comes back to the top.

It does not matter the color  or texture of the balloon, it will always come back to the top.


The content of the balloon …

A similar thing happens when you release a balloon in the air…it floats away to the sky.

The air inside the balloon makes it rise to top

Everyone of us carry the potential in us to rise to the top

You are destined for the top…

You may experience set backs or disappointments .

Painful as it may be, never allow that to keep you down.

Never allow the confidence you have in yourself or in your God to slip away.

Tap into the strength within and rise to your full potential.

Stay strong, stay motivated, you are unstoppable!