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2 Valuable Tips When Transitioning To The Next Level


You Are The Writer Of Your Own Story written on desert road

Have you ever been through a phase in your life where it appears as if you are moving out of your comfort zone?

Just when you thought everything is perfect, your routine established , then change comes.

This change is not always desirable or easy to handle.

Most times it is uncomfortable, you feel like you have been stretched.

I have been there and  I can categorically tell you that I really did not like it.

However, I found so much fulfillment outside my comfort zone that the stretching is worth it.

These are tips I found really valuable during transitions in my life, hope you find them useful too.

Stretching may be uncomfortable but beneficial :

Knowing with certainty in your heart that  growth and progress lie outside of your comfort zone is  encouraging.

Beyond the stretching and the discomfort that may come with it lie your desired end.

Think about adopting  a new exercise regimen,

After your first exercise routine, you feel the pain and  discomfort that comes with exercise muscles being worked on for the first time.

No matter how you feel after the first exercise routine, if you persevere the discomfort will disappear and your well toned muscles will emerge.

The same thing applies to our lives as well. When you  persevere, not only will the pain become a thing of the past but your life will be moved to a whole new level.

No matter what the going feels like right now, remember this:

“ Tough times never last but tough people do”- Robert Schuler

Keep the end in mind and fully understand all things are working for your good.

Stay Motivated:

Transition period could be emotionally draining and thoughts of quitting may  persist.

It is important to stay motivated now, more than ever.

Using the analogy of an exercise regimen used earlier.

When adopting a new exercise regimen, some practical things keep you going when you feel like quitting.

Having a coach or finding peer support keeps you motivated.

I remember when I started running, running with a friend was quite helpful to me.

Even if you do not have a personal coach, find motivational resources online or videos on YouTube  to  listen to.

You can even look at your self in the mirror and encourage yourself. Declare the desired end, even when nothing looks like it right now.

Call yourself what you want to be and begin to create the world you desire with your words.

Believe in yourself and believe in God and nothing will be impossible to you!!









Victory Is Sweet : Lessons from SpaceX

A shuttle - 3d sculptor| dollarphoto

As I sat and watched the Space X team rejoice yesterday so many things were going through my mind.

The energy in the room was almost palpable, the excitement was real. Putting it all simply, victory is sweet.

Space X successfully launched and landed their  giant Falcon 9 rocket.

It was not just a victory for the team, it was a victory for the scientific community as a whole.

Prior to this, the company had made 3 unsuccessful attempts to launch the rocket.

I particularly remember the disastrous launch on June 28th 2015.  The press coverage was massive, everyone had an opinion and criticism  was not scarce all.

The team did not spend time responding to critics.

Instead they went back to the drawing board to understand what lead to the crash and what they needed to do to move things along.

Less than six months after the crash, they successfully launched the  rocket.

There are few nuggets to glean from this:

1.  Fail and learn: If you fail, learn from it. Decide not to give up.  Persevering is a choice, regardless of the scenario, the choice is always yours.  You can fail and quit or fail, learn and move forward. Choose the latter and experience sweet victory that comes with persevering.

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started in the first place – Unknown

2. You can accomplish anything:  The human spirit is very powerful. When you set your heart to do anything you can accomplish it. What do you have in mind to accomplish? Stay focused, stay determined, all things are possible to you if you believe.

3. What you think and say matters: People will always have their opinion , and they are also free to express their opinion. People might think and say you are a failure. Or really cannot amount to anything.

The choice is yours,  the choice to believe is completely yours. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe you can accomplish what you set your heart on to accomplish. Believe there is so much potential within you.

I believe in you!  Cheering you on to success.