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2 Simple Strategies To Spring Forward…Finish Strong


As we enter the final quarter of the year, many thoughts may come to mind.

Thoughts such as: ” this year has been amazing, plans roll out as intended or maybe : ” I need to push harder and accomplish all I have to accomplish”

Whatever the thoughts following through your mind right now, you can spring forward and finish the year strong. Here are some tips:

1. Quality Reflective Time: So many times we go so fast that we do not take time to reflect and think.

Take a pen and your journal, sit down in a quiet place and think. Think about where you want to be at the end of the year.

Think about where you are now, what do you daily that has led you this far?

What do you need to do differently?

Write all these thoughts down.

Project new daily routines that could help you.

Write them all down.

It does not matter how far away you are from where you want to be.

Make time to think about how to reset your life to get the results you desire.

Think deeply about the future you want to create, let the desire fire you up!

Be energized to go for your dreams! You can do it!!

2. Get a coach: If you ever want to accomplish anything faster, get a coach!

A coach will help you stay on course, push you to go further than you can go on your own.

Someone that will hold you accountable while encouraging you.

I love working with a coach and I have more that one really.

A fitness coach,  business coach…, it all depends on where you are in this phase of your life. Get someone who will push you forward in your journey.

Make sure your coach has gone further than you, not someone aspiring to be where you are.

Success in any area of life is intentional, choose the path to success today!!

Do you have other strategies that have worked for you?

Share with us by leaving a comment below.

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Are You Heading The Wrong Way


You Can Change the plan reminder on a notice board

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Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”

Peter Drucker

Have you ever thought about life as a journey? Think about this scenario which assumed to have occurred at a time before the use of global positioning systems (GPS).

 You are on a trip with a dear friend to a city three hours drive away. Armed with your map, you headed out in the right direction but while chatting and having a great time with your friend you got off track. Neither of you realized this until four hours later, you were shocked how far you have traveled off  course. You located where you are on your map and started your journey back to your desired destination…

I believe this scenario is something you can relate with. I think about life as a journey and really think it is important to access where you are on your journey on a regular basis. I have listed the reasons for such reflections below:

1. Save time: every mile you travel either take you closer or further away from your destination depending on the direction you are traveling. The same with our lives, what you do on daily basis is either taking you closer or further away from your goal. Taking time to reflect and access progress towards your goals help you to detect if you are on track to achieve your goals or not. The earlier you detect you are off track the better. It is almost end of the first quarter of the year.  Where are you with your goals for 2016?. Practical tip: Take a moment to write down answers to the following questions: 1. What is your desired goal? 2. How far are you from achieving it? 3. What can you do on a daily basis to make your goals a reality? Let your responses to the questions above guide your next steps.

2.  Change directions: No matter how far you have traveled in the wrong direction, you can change course and start heading towards your desired destination. A reflective time will help determine if you need to change directions or not. Practical example: You have always wanted to change the way you eat. Your goal this year is to lose 25 pounds by October 2016. To accomplish this goal you need to change the way what you eat. It is March and you have not given finding new recipes a thought. You try hard to ignore the fact that you have gained weight despite your desire to lose weight. My question is: if things continue the way they have been since January, will you accomplish your goal by year-end? 

Where ever you are in your journey, think about what you need to do to accomplish your goals. Stay focused and determined, you have all it takes to accomplish your goals. Go for it!

Cheering you on to success!

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Enjoying Every Season in Life


Autumn sceneI was recently looking through some of my old documents and stumbled on a newsletter from my college group called Chi-alpha.

The picture in front of the newsletter made me smile, it was a picture of me on a boat with a friend. It bought great memories….

The group had traveled to Colorado for the weekend, we camped close to a lake and spent the entire Saturday tubing.

It was by far the wildest thing I have ever done till date. You can tell I am not that adventurous 🙂

As I flipped through the newsletter, one thought came to mind: ” enjoying every phase”.

That was a decision I made so many years ago, I chose to enjoy every phase of my life.

It is a decision I am grateful for today.

At every stage you can either to embrace and enjoy  the stage as you transition to the next stage.

Or better still you can decide to complain and see everything that is wrong with that stage in life.

At that time of my Colorado trip, I was single and in graduate school. My life was not perfect but I was very happy.  I traveled a lot with my group, planned outreach events. In retrospect, I can categorically say I had so much free time and I am so glad what I invested my time in.

If you are reading this and you are single, invest your time wisely. Have fun, help people, develop yourself. Engage in activities that add value to yourself and to  others.  Choose to enjoy that phase of life, it  goes by so quickly.

Don’t wait till you get to the next season in life. You will keep waiting.

Enjoy where you are now.

Whatever the season you are in life. Every season in life has its joy and challenges, choose to be thankful for the joys as you trust God for wisdom to handle the challenges.

Adopt a winning attitude.

Choose to be happy, and choose to enjoy your life now.

The best is yet to come.

Cheering you on to success!



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