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Ready, Set Goal!


Tips & Tricks keyboard key. FingerMy son and I were driving in the car when he reached over and turned off the radio.

He took a deep breath and said, “Mom I think I want to be an engineer when I grow up.” I smiled and stated that he could be whatever he wants to be if he sets his mind to it.

This conversation sparked the idea of how important it is for parents to not only encourage their children’s passions and dreams but also to set goals or plans to achieve them.

Setting goals is such an important element to raising a well-rounded child.

It gives them the skills, know-how and confidence to reach towards something that is important to them.

It is also a very useful skill that will most likely carry over into adulthood. Goal setting teaches our children to push themselves and break out of their comfort zones.

It also allows them to try new things and devise a plan to accomplish this goal.

Here are a few tips on how to teach your children to set a goal and achieve it:

1) Be Specific

Make sure your child sets a specific goal. For instance, if they set the goal to be a good student, encourage them to get a little more detailed. Having a goal to get straight A’s would be a good example of a specific goal.

2) Short-Term Goals and Long-Term Goals

It is also important to explain the differences and benefits of having both short-term goals and long-term goals.

Examples of short-term goals are: getting a good grade on a test, making a new friend, learning a new hobby, or saving their allowance to buy a small toy.

Examples of long-term goals are: getting perfect attendance all year, saving up for a new bike, performing in a school play, or learning how to play an instrument.

Helping your child to set short-term goals will not only be good practice for planning and achieving their long-term goals, but it will also assist with their self-esteem building and confidence when setting larger goals.

Teaching your children to set long-term goals will assist them with focus and motivation to keep moving towards their long-term goal vs instant gratification.

3) Plan On It!

Teaching your children to plan small steps towards their goals, will help them to stay focused and on track.

Breaking down goals into smaller steps will also help your child visualize the necessary effort and expected time it will take to achieve their goal.

A fun way to incorporate a plan for their goal is to make a Goal Chart.

This is a fun activity that you and your child can do together, and this can also assist in helping your child set an expected timeline for their goal.


4)  Fail-Forward

Fail Forward is a phrase we don’t use enough.

My father always told me that there is no such thing as failure as long as you learned something from your unexpected outcome and didn’t give up.

He explained that failure wasn’t a setback, but rather a step forward to achieve eventual success. You need to learn from each supposed “setback” and apply these lessons to your next opportunity.

For example, if your child sets a goal to be on the football team and he doesn’t make the team; encourage him to continue training for tryout next year or try out for another school activity that interests him.

By doing this, you are ensuring your child is not discouraged from trying new things and explain to them that sometimes when we don’t achieve the particular goal in mind, we can either work harder to achieve this goal or in some cases, a new opportunity may present itself.

By putting yourself out there and trying new things; new opportunities can arise. The important lesson is to continue learning and moving forward.

3) Be Flexible

As parents, it is important that you help your child realize that although a plan is now in place to achieve their goal, sometimes there will be obstacles or challenges along the way that they may not expect.

Let them know that there is more than one way to achieve a goal and when an obstacle presents itself, not to be discouraged, but rather open to the possibility of another way to achieve their goal.

Allow your child to think of a new solution or plan if confronted with an obstacle.

It is important that we help our kids and have open communication, but give your child the chance to brainstorm before assisting.

This will help with the development of their problem-solving skills and confidence.


4) Praise Them

Let your child know how proud you are of them as they move towards their goal as well as when they accomplish it.

Positive-reinforcement and recognition of achievements can go a long way with a child’s growing self-esteem, giving them the confidence to try new things.


Remember it’s not just the achievement of the goal that is important; it’s what your child learns and gains along the way that helps them grow!


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How To Stay Focused To Accomplish Your Goals


The dedication and determination of athletes come to mind when I think about goals and life plans.

When on track running a race, the athlete does not care if you are cheering or booing him.

He has one simple focus make it to the finish line in record time.

The same attitude should be adopted by all when it comes to life goals or goals in general.

1. Keep your eyes on the finished line:

Like a focused athlete keep your eyes on the finished line.

You have set your mind to lose 10 pounds by summer. Keep that goal in mind.

Don’t wait for compliments and don’t allow discouraging words to dissuade you either.

Think about an athlete running at the Olympics, people in the crowd are cheering him some are shouting mean things to him.

Can you imagine the athlete stopping and responding to the crowd?

No, he won’t, as far as he is concerned the crowd does not exist.

Make up your mind to eliminate the noise and  keep your eyes on your end point.

2. Get Back up:

When you fall, get back up and keep moving forward. Know that it is possible to fall, but when you do, don’t stop there, keep moving forward.

When we set goals, and obstacles come our way what do you do? Just throw in the towel and move to another project or set new goals?

No!  You keep running towards our goals with your eyes set on the finish line like an athlete would.

Can you imagine an athlete giving-up during a competition?

Most likely not unless they sustain an injury. They don’t because they are determined and committed to their goals.

If you have set some goals for this month and it seems you are far from accomplishing them, go back to the drawing board and give yourself a candid assessment. Come up with practical strategies that will move you closer to dreams!

Don’t give up!

Stay Focused!



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Lessons From 2016 Election


Depending on which candidate you supported in this election cycle you will either wake up excited this morning (day after election) or wake up to face the disappointment that comes with your candidate losing the election.

Both feelings are quite familiar to me, in the past several years I have watched some of the candidates I strongly support elected into office while some lose their election bid.

The election this year was like no other  I have  witnessed before.

It is unique and also rich with life lessons.

I will like to share some of the lessons I learnt for this election season with you. I hope it inspires you to dream big and energize you never to give up.

1. Dare to dream big, work hard towards it :

Both presidential candidates (Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump) are big dreamers.

Mr Trump had never run for public office before and it was unthinkable that he would even consider running for the highest office in the land but he did.

Most politicians start their careers on the local or state level. He skipped all the steps and just decided to run for the highest political office.

He was described by his family as a big dreamer who does not shy away from challenges.

Sec. Clinton has been passionate about serving from a very young age. For over 30 years, she relentlessly followed her dreams defying all odds .

It is big for a woman to aspire to become the leader of the free world, she did and became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party

I remember listening to her concession speech 8 years ago. She said ” even though we did not break the glass ceiling this time, we left millions of crack in it. The use of “this time” in her speech stood out to me. It told me she was coming back again and she did.

These two unconventional big dreamers, did not only dream big but they worked hard for it and that’s why the entire world is talking about them today.

2. Never Give Up.

Mr Trump had so much stacked up against him but I have never seen anyone more resilient than him. He kept saying he will win this election even when it was almost laughable to think so.

His campaign kept coming up with different strategies to wining the electoral votes against all odds.

When it was almost impossible for him to win the race, Mr Trump kept saying  he will win this election.

He repeatedly described how he will be taking over some states traditionally won by his opponents.

That was exactly what happened.

The world was shocked!

People called it a miracle but I saw the power of believing a thing in your heart and repeatedly saying with your mouth even when its  least likely.

While there so many things to learn from this election cycle. Two key lessons here are:  the importance of dreaming big ; the power of believing a thing in your heart and saying it with mouth.

If these people can put principles to work for them, you can too.

There is so much potential within you.

Take the limits off and dare to dream big.

Don’t just dream big, work hard to make your dream a reality.

You are unstoppable!



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How To Stay Focused


Have you ever had moments when simply told yourself I need to focus…

At such moments,  you ask yourself…how?

How do I focus?

Staying focused is an act of the will.

The decision  is completely yours.

The following tips will provide practical steps that  will help you focus on things that matter the most to you and accomplish your goals.

1. Clearly Define Your Focus:

What do you want to achieve?

What is the goal that more than anything you really want to achieve.

Decide what is top priority to you and what you need to do to accomplish it.

Think  about this:

You jumped into your car and drove around a neighborhood for an hour without really going anywhere. Just taking in the view and killing time.

What if you got into the car with a plan to visit your friend who lives an hour North of you. In an hour you could be knocking on your friend’s door.

What’s the difference?

One scenario, you had no goal, you were just driving around, while in the second scenario you had a destination in mind.

You can not focus without clearly defining what you want to focus on. Take out a note pad or your journal and clearly define what you want to focus on.

2.  Get Rid Of Distractions :

We all have distractions around us. Sometimes these distractions are essential tools in our lives .

Examples are emails or social media.

These tools definitely add value to daily lives but need to be controlled to get things done.

There are times you might have to stay off social media as you focus on what you want to get done.

There are other times it may suffice to allocate a specific time in your day to take care of those activities that ordinarily might take the whole day from you.

3. Learn To Say “No”:

There are times it is absolutely vital to your success to say NO

Opportunities may come that you will have to turn down.


Because it will distract you from what accomplishing what you have prioritized

People may come around to ask you for favors but you must learn to say NO.

Like I once heard someone say ” If you do not have a plan for your life, people who have plans for theirs will help you spend or waste your time.”

I remember college days, there were some students who will go into hiding when they want to study.

No one knows where or when they study, but when they are ready to take a short break from their study they come around to chat with people trying to study.

These students tend to lead the class and it took a while for people to catch on to their style.

Once people caught on to their style, they simply ignore them when they come around for a chat during exam preps.

No matter what your goal is, you can accomplish it if you make it your priority.

Remember athletes…

Athletes always come to mind when I think about focus. When an athlete is on the field, there are so many distractions.

People that are cheering them on, people who are calling out to them and people who are booing them.

It does not matter to the athlete what the crowd is doing. One thing is priority to the athlete and that is the game.

They focus exclusively on the game

Be like an athlete,  focus on your game, it does not matter what type of distraction lurks around.

Be determined to focus on your game and accomplish your goals.

You can do it so go for it!!