Stand Out Of The Crowd

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How do you feel when you meet people who are so different from you? Do you feel uncomfortable? Intrigued? Excited or indifferent ?

Sometimes you could even be the one that feels so  different from everyone else.

Your dreams are different your life goals are different.

Ever been there?

Celebrate your “uniqueness”.

Every single person is unique.  The simple steps below will help people discover and admire your “uniqueness”.

Never Try To Be Someone Else:  invest your time and effort to be the best you can be. You cannot be that other person,  no matter how much you admire him/her.

Be the best you, let others admire your talents and your strengths.  Think about a diamond, in its raw form does not look admirable at all.

It simply looks crude and almost worthless. After processing and  lots of hard work, it looks shiny and valuable.

Still the same object, what changed? Someone invested time and effort to bring out the value for all to see.

Can you imagine someone trying to make a completely different object out of a diamond?

Be original,  be true to who you are. If you do not admire what you have, no one else will.

Look at your self in the mirror and love the person you see. With or without curves, tall or short, dark or fair, big or small, admire what you have and who you are.

Forget what you may have been told before, simply love who you are.

Believe in Your Dreams: Sometimes your dreams and passion may be so different from everyone else.

Never feel intimidated, believe in that dream and invest all you can in it.  I have a friend who grew up in a culture where everyone took education very seriously.

Every parent want their children to attend a professional school, become a lawyer , doctor or any other similar profession.

My friend wanted to become an artist, he did not only have the desire, he had the talent for it.

Going to college to study fine arts was not his parent’s dream for him but he stayed with it.  His friends taught he was unusual but he was not deterred. He graduated  Summa Cum laud in fine arts proceeded to earn two graduate degrees in fine art. His artwork being displayed in different galleries around the world.

He is happy and fulfilled today living his dreams mainly because he didn’t allow peer pressure and people’s expectations derail him from his dreams.

No one knows what makes you happy and fulfilled except you. Identify what you truly want and stay with it no matter what.

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Julia is an entrepreneur and founder at Foodniche Inc. She derives joy and gratification from encouraging people. She adopts a very practical and straight to the point approach to her writing to uplift readers. She writes with a goal to motivate people to bring out the best in them. She married her best friend and sweetheart in 2006, they live together in NJ with their two boys.


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