Practical Tips on Changing The Way You Think.




As a man thinks in his heart so is he- The Bible

In the past few weeks our posts have focused on the power of your thoughts and how thoughts shape lives. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to read: Change your thoughts, change your life and The power of selfless thinking.
Think about this scenario:

You car needs an oil change,  you take it in to an auto repair shop. The mechanic  drains the old oil and put in fresh oil. What  would you think if he opens the engine and pour in new oil without draining the old oil?

The human mind operates the same way. To change the way you think, you need to stop feeding on the wrong information and start feeding on the right one

1. Stop feeding your heart with the wrong information: To change the way you think the first step is to check what you read, watch or listen to. Spend time looking through your iTunes song list and delete some songs from your list. I once heard someone recount his experience listening to a song over the radio, the song had a very nice upbeat music to it but the words repeatedly said: “ are a loser, you are a loser, baby you are a loser”. Critically look through your collection of books, music, videos and ask the important question: “do they add value to me or not?” If they do not, it is time to get rid of them. Remember the car analogy I made earlier, you have to drain the old oil before adding the fresh oil. The first step is to stop feeding on the wrong material.


2. Feed you heart with the right information: Now that you have drained out the old oil, start pouring in the clean fresh oil. It is necessary to start the process of renewing your mind which only comes by feeding on the right information.Start reading inspiring books and I will start by recommending the most inspiring book I have ever read till date: The Bible. No matter the topic you are seeking inspiration or encouragement on the Bible has it covered. I love reading and I have read after most of the world renowned authors on the subject of personal development and success strategies. One thing I found out is that all the principles described in these books take their root from the bible, some authors refer to it others do not. If your are looking for trusted life changing principles, I will confidently refer you to the Bible.  There are several inspiring books  you can read, books such as : As a man thinketh by James Allen or How to stay motivated by Zig Ziglar. Search for resources that add value to you and add them to your collection.  Consciously feed your spirit with the right information. You will not only change the way you think, you will completely change your life.


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