Practical Parenting Tips -II

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Parenting is a joy in my opinion. It is absolutely gratifying. Some tips were shared  yesterday, if missed that check it here.  Below are a few tips that work with children, hope you find them useful.

Do Not REMIND Them.

It’s important that you don’t continue to remind them of the agreement for consistency and expected outcome purposes. For instance, If your child starts having a tantrum in the store, do not begin with “Remember what mommy told you, I’m going to take away the iPad if you continue.” You need to be firm on your agreement and follow through with the consequence. Otherwise, your child will continue to test the new situation to see how far they can get with their power struggle. Here’s an example of how you can handle the situation: Once your child has started with their tantrum, you can say, “Ok, we made an agreement about tantrums. Because you chose to have a tantrum about not getting the cookies you wanted in the store, you have now chosen to lose your dessert at dinner.” The child will begin to understand that the consequences are a result of their bad choice.


Keep Your Emotions Out Of It.

It’s very easy for parents to raise their voice sometimes and bring emotions into the discipline, but it is not very effective. Try to remain calm and “matter of fact” with your child when disciplining them. Staying calm will teach them that their consequence is a result of their bad choice and is not related to your disappointment or anger towards the situation. It’s important that your child learns this cause and effect.


“Way To Go! Positive Encouragement


Fortunately, praising our children tends to be something that most parents are excellent at and this is just a reminder to continue to encourage your child’s good behavior. When your child follows the implemented rules or does something correct, be sure to let them know how proud you are of their accomplishments and good diligence.

Sometimes we get accustomed to telling our child “no” and “stop that,” that we forget to praise them when they are doing something correctly. Following through with your agreements and consequences, is just as important as letting your child know they are doing something correctly. We should try to balance out the positive encouragement with their discipline.


Your child’s sense of boundaries will directly influence their actions. Be consistent with their outcomes and consequences, as well as their praise. This practice will help your child understand cause and effect as well as love and respect. Balance and consistency are key! Except when it comes to hugs, kisses, and love, you can never give your child enough of those, so load up!

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  1. My mom was great with positive encouragement and I really believe that really had a strong influence in my life.

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