Motor or Anchor?

I love the outdoors and fishing is one activity that does not stop to intrigue me. As I write this post, two items used on boats come to mind: an anchor and a motor, take a moment and think about the function of both.
An anchor keeps the boat still, while a motor propels the boat in the desired direction. People can be anchors or motors as well, people can weigh you down or keep you far from your dreams. People can also motivate and energize you in the direction of your dreams. My question is two fold:

  • 1. Do you surround yourself with anchors or motors? Often times the first thing that comes to mind when people are faced with questions like this is friends. Which is true, friends can weigh you down or encourage you. Beyond that, what do spend time watching, reading, or listening to? This are the biggest influences in our lives which shape the person we become. You want to change your future? Start now by flipping through your playlist and replacing discouraging content with encouraging ones.
  • 2. Are you an anchor or a motor? You might start thinking you do not have anything encouraging to tell anyone. You really do not have to say anything, just wear a smile and you might make someone’s day. Having a positive attitude around you can even impact people more than your words can.

So go ahead and inspire someone today.

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Bola derives joy and gratification from encouraging people. She adopts a very practical and straight to the point approach to her writing to uplift readers. A motivator and entrepreneur. She writes with a goal to motivate people to bring out the best in them. She married her best friend and sweetheart in 2006, they live together in NJ with their two boys.

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