The Power Of Perseverance


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One story that captures the power of perseverance was the one that unfolded before our eyes as Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination for the Democratic party.

To every woman in America or any nation of the earth a clear statement was made: “you can become whoever you choose to become, your gender is not a limitation.

The victory we all witnessed last night told us a few things about Hillary and the ones that stood out to me are listed below.

Believe: Hillary believed in herself and the potential in her. She chose to see beyond the limitations around, and chose to dream big. Even though her efforts in 2008 was not successful, her believe in herself and her dream did not dwindle. She did what several years ago was unthinkable. I am sure when she started her journey some may have tried to talk her out of it. People may have told her it cannot be done. She believed she could, she worked hard at it  and the success is obvious for all to see.

“Don’t wait for people to approve of your dreams before you start working on it. You might wait forever.”- Bola O.


Perseverance: When I heard Hillary was joining the race last year, one word came to mind, perseverance. When she conceded to President Obama in 2008, I remember her speech saying the “…even though the glass ceiling was not shattered, she made millions of cracks in it.” In my mind I thought she is back to shatter the glass ceiling completely and she did.

Irrespective of how this political race ends, she has made history, inspired millions and set higher standards for generations to come.

Irrespective of your race, gender, color or creed, you can become whoever you desire to become. Have the audacity to dream big, believe in yourself,  work hard and you will see those dreams come true.

“Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and most importantly believe in God” – Bola O.

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