Lessons From 2016 Election


Depending on which candidate you supported in this election cycle you will either wake up excited this morning (day after election) or wake up to face the disappointment that comes with your candidate losing the election.

Both feelings are quite familiar to me, in the past several years I have watched some of the candidates I strongly support elected into office while some lose their election bid.

The election this year was like no other  I have  witnessed before.

It is unique and also rich with life lessons.

I will like to share some of the lessons I learnt for this election season with you. I hope it inspires you to dream big and energize you never to give up.

1. Dare to dream big, work hard towards it :

Both presidential candidates (Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump) are big dreamers.

Mr Trump had never run for public office before and it was unthinkable that he would even consider running for the highest office in the land but he did.

Most politicians start their careers on the local or state level. He skipped all the steps and just decided to run for the highest political office.

He was described by his family as a big dreamer who does not shy away from challenges.

Sec. Clinton has been passionate about serving from a very young age. For over 30 years, she relentlessly followed her dreams defying all odds .

It is big for a woman to aspire to become the leader of the free world, she did and became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party

I remember listening to her concession speech 8 years ago. She said ” even though we did not break the glass ceiling this time, we left millions of crack in it. The use of “this time” in her speech stood out to me. It told me she was coming back again and she did.

These two unconventional big dreamers, did not only dream big but they worked hard for it and that’s why the entire world is talking about them today.

2. Never Give Up.

Mr Trump had so much stacked up against him but I have never seen anyone more resilient than him. He kept saying he will win this election even when it was almost laughable to think so.

His campaign kept coming up with different strategies to wining the electoral votes against all odds.

When it was almost impossible for him to win the race, Mr Trump kept saying  he will win this election.

He repeatedly described how he will be taking over some states traditionally won by his opponents.

That was exactly what happened.

The world was shocked!

People called it a miracle but I saw the power of believing a thing in your heart and repeatedly saying with your mouth even when its  least likely.

While there so many things to learn from this election cycle. Two key lessons here are:  the importance of dreaming big ; the power of believing a thing in your heart and saying it with mouth.

If these people can put principles to work for them, you can too.

There is so much potential within you.

Take the limits off and dare to dream big.

Don’t just dream big, work hard to make your dream a reality.

You are unstoppable!



Picture credits: Linforthe


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