Is Forgiveness Really Important?

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To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner  was you – Louis B Smedes”



If you have ever been hurt before you may have at one point or the other asked the question ” I really have to forgive?” You may even be asking the question right now. I decided to start this post with the quote by Louis Smedes because it fully captures what unforgiveness does to the human mind. Unforgiveness literally keeps you captive, so the question you are actually asking is: ” ..should I really set myself free?”

It is very easy to hand over the control of your life to someone else, such that they control when you are happy and when you are not. Think about it: you really cannot control what people do, or can you? However,  you can control the impact of their activities on you, you can control how you respond to what they do. Just the same way you decide to pay attention or not pay attention to what people say, you can choose to forgive or not to. My goal with this post is to encourage you to forgive. Forgiveness is liberating, it is powerful and essential to a happier you. The first time may be hard but the more you forgive, the easier it becomes.

When an offense come your way, don’t brood on it, making time to think about the offense only makes the situation bigger than it is.  Instead choose to let go, unforgiveness is a burden, let go of  the burden .

I remember listening to one of my mentors describe a painful situation. She walked in on two of her very close acquaintances talking about her and tearing her apart . It was a very painful situation for her , she could not help crying.  She decided to forgive and respond to the people involved in love.  She later recounts that  the experience with her friends made her a stronger person.

No matter the situation you are faced with there is a question for you to answer: will you let go or will you hold on? Or better still , will you allow someone to keep you captive or   will you take charge of your emotions?  The situation is completely up to you, choose to forgive,  and allow love and joy to fill your heart.


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Julia is an entrepreneur and founder at Foodniche Inc. She derives joy and gratification from encouraging people. She adopts a very practical and straight to the point approach to her writing to uplift readers. She writes with a goal to motivate people to bring out the best in them. She married her best friend and sweetheart in 2006, they live together in NJ with their two boys.


7 thoughts on “Is Forgiveness Really Important?

  1. Forgiveness is a choice!! You either do it or you don’t…it does not just happen on its own. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That’s true, I think it is harder when the offense is fresh though. After some time you can decide to let go and forgive

  3. @ Pat, I do not quite agree, I think the longer you keep a grudge the harder it is to forgive. The earlier you dismiss the offense the easier it is to move on. I guess that is the way it has been with me…it may be different with other ..maybe:)

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