How To Make Your Life A Success Story -1

You Are The Writer Of Your Own Story written on desert road

Every single day you are writing a story.

You really do not have to be a writer to write this.

This story is written by simply living, making choices on a daily basis. 

How will your story end?

Sometimes you hear people say, if only I had great upbringing or a rich family, my story will be different.

How to write a success story series capture stories of every day people. People who despite life challenges turned their story around and made a success out of their lives. Be inspired as you read the story of Gary Heavin as written by Sneha Agawral.

Gary Heavin is the fitness center magnate; CEO and Co-founder of Curves International. Fitness and health industry gets affected a lot by recession and this directly affects the bottom line of any fitness chain. However, with the business acumen of Gary Heavin, Curves International has seen a steady growth and after 21 years the chain has over 11000 centers present in 90 countries. Curves International has membership strength of 4 million people.

Gary Heavin had a troubling childhood as his mother passed away prematurely when Gary was only 13. He also went through a lot of financial problems. He wanted to become a doctor since childhood and only to pursue this dream he went to a medical college. He did a variety of menial jobs to support his dream. However, as destiny would have it, he had to quit the college because of lack of funds. He then started developing a fitness club, with the help of his brother, and managed to keep running it for 10 years. Gary was an amateur in the field of business and he could not control his overhead expenses. This was the reason that he had to shut down his 10-year-old business.

Gary had to serve a small period in jail as he could not afford child support. This was the time when Gary turned towards his basics and adapted Christian values. After his three months in jail, Gary started reinvesting in himself. He first met a woman named Diane and got married to her. They both started with Curves International. Gary brought in some changed thought process in the business. He adopted to franchise system of business rather than letting managers to run it. To overcome the fear of failure, Gary consulted the VP of Dwyer Group and took some tips of running a franchise system of business.

Gary has indulged himself in this business and was rewarded with the title of entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young. Curves International became 11000 centers big within a time span of 8 years and has bagged the Guinness World Record for being the fastest growing franchise.

Gary learned a lot from his failure and it is his transformation in his thought process that he became a successful entrepreneur after serving a jail period of three months. His favorite quote is, “There is nothing like failure and humiliation to make you teachable”.

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  1. I absolutely love this! Putting the responsibility for your success on yourself is the starting point to success. Indeed we are the writers of our own story.

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