Condition Your Heart For Success


We have a very lovely park close to our home.

The park overlooks a pond . On warm days you will find people seating on the bench feeding  the ducks.

Anytime these ducks see anyone approach the pond, they quickly move out of the water and approach the person expecting to be fed. In most cases, they get fed.

Recently the municipal government put a notice up that no one should feed the ducks anymore for their safety.

Even though we all love to feed the birds,  most  people stopped feeding the birds. Guess what the ducks still do when they see people approaching?

They quickly get out of the water and approach their guest expecting to be fed.

The ducks have been conditioned that way based on their experience over time.

The same instinct lies with people, it is not difficult to expect success in any area of life where you have repeatedly enjoyed success.  Some expect failure as well based on prior disappointing experiences.

What are you conditioned for?

Some expect to be the first set of people to be laid off when the company is in distress. Others  do not expect success in their relationships because that is the trend in their family. While some think success, speak success and expect success . Which category do you belong to?

When you condition your mind for something you will have it. Success or failure,  it does not matter which.

Have you conditioned your heart for success?

The journey to success starts in your mind, where do you see yourself?

Information you  feed on shapes how you think or what  you experience.

If you have been laid off your job twice, your mind processes it and makes you wonder when the next lay off event will be? You expect to be laid off… you can change this though.

You can condition your heart for success, expecting success at every turn

You can change a negative mindset by feeding on a new set of information.  Information that adds value to you. Information that inspires and energize you.

Refuse to allow your past to define you. Set yourself up for success and start the journey now!

Cheering you on to success!


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