Finding True Love

By Cari Littau Do you have memories of your college days or your young dating lives?  Such a whirlwind of emotions and the newness of young love….ah! What priceless memories!  But if you are like me, behind all those glorified memories of my teens and early adult years lies a cloud of regret from choices I made in dating. As a young naive girl, my sole understanding of the word purity was “no premarital sex”.  When ...
February 21st, 2015 / Julia / 2 comments

Video Pick of the week: Gratitude

Check out this video by Terri Savelle Foy on gratitude. I hope it inspires you! http://youtu.be/_PstOcyZMSg
November 20th, 2014 / Julia / 2 comments

Resiliency ~ A Walk In The Park

This post is so insightful!
November 13th, 2014 / Julia / 1 comment

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