7 Dating Etiquette Tips For Women

Manners have become something we are rapidly losing in our public spheres, and dating is a place where they should absolutely be used. Be ready on time, being fashionably late is not fashionable, it is rude and disrespectful of other’s time. If you are worth the wait, you are also worth spending the 20 minutes with that he had to sit wondering what was taking so long. Also, be courteous, not just to him but ...
April 2nd, 2016 / / 0 comments

Beginning again: Life after Divorce

It rarely matters how it happened. Weather it was a complete surprise or you saw it coming for years, divorce is painful. We marry our partners with the best of intentions, right? We truly believe we will be the people who make it work. Those people who have the perfect marriage, perfect family, and perfect life. But that’s not always what comes to pass for us. Sometimes our plans don’t go our way and we ...
March 24th, 2016 / / 2 comments

The best love story ever….

Over twenty years ago, I developed a relationship with someone and this relationship has truly enriched my life and shaped the person I have become. Can you imagine going through a rough patch in life and having so much peace in your heart? Can you imagine been loved in spite of your flaws, been accepted inspite of your failings? Can you imagine someone loving you enough to take the fall for you? Can you imagine ...
October 19th, 2014 / InspiringNuggets / 7 comments

Bringing Out the Best in People (Part II)

Have you ever worked with someone that believes so much in you and makes it quite obvious? It is simply energizing! Wondering how you can start believing in people? I discussed focusing on people’s strength and not their flaws in Part 1 but really why is that important? This simple exercise will not change your spouse or significant other but will instead change your perspective and attitude towards them. You will be surprised that before long you will be pulling ...
June 27th, 2014 / InspiringNuggets / 0 comments

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