The Power Of Gratitude

Photo: Gajus Can you imagine a young boy walking up to you to show appreciation for what you did for him two days ago? You really did not expect it... It came all the same... My 7 year old son recently walked up to me to express gratitude for a gift I gave him two days prior.  He said thank you when I gave him the gift. To refer to the guesture 2 days after with gratitude was not expected.. However it ...
January 1st, 2018 / Julia / 2 comments

How To Stand Out Of The Crowd

How do you feel when you meet people who are so different from you? Do you feel uncomfortable? Intrigued? Excited or indifferent ? Sometimes you could even be the one that feels so  different from everyone else. Your dreams are different your life goals are different. Ever been there? Celebrate your “uniqueness”. Every single person is unique.  The simple steps below will help people discover and admire your “uniqueness”. Never Try To Be Someone Else:  invest your time and effort to be ...
September 24th, 2017 / Julia / 2 comments

Adopting Our Kids- A Dream Come True

By Renee Ransom My husband and I met on a playground of Xi’an International School in Shaanxi, China. From our first date, we discussed our dreams for our lives, and adoption was something we both wanted. For us, having biological children was not in the cards’ or something that we wanted. We knew there are millions of kids without parents, and we could not justify bringing more into the world while many grew up in less ...
September 4th, 2017 / / 0 comments

2 Valuable Tips When Transitioning To The Next Level

  Have you ever been through a phase in your life where it appears as if you are moving out of your comfort zone? Just when you thought everything is perfect, your routine established , then change comes. This change is not always desirable or easy to handle. Most times it is uncomfortable, you feel like you have been stretched. I have been there and  I can categorically tell you that I really did not like it. However, I found so ...
June 12th, 2017 / Julia / 4 comments

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