How To Condition Your Mind For Success

As we gradually move to the end of the first quarter of the year, some thoughts come to mind: the perception of success and what success truly means. These come to mind because I have seen its limiting effect on people's lives. Waiting for a perfect time to do what you God has placed in your heart. Or simply waiting for a perfect opportunity to follow your passion. Allowing other people's definition of success to keep ...
March 2nd, 2017 / InspiringNuggets / 0 comments

How To Stay Focused To Accomplish Your Goals

The dedication and determination of athletes come to mind when I think about goals and life plans. When on track running a race, the athlete does not care if you are cheering or booing him. He has one simple focus make it to the finish line in record time. The same attitude should be adopted by all when it comes to life goals or goals in general. 1. Keep your eyes on the finished line: Like a focused athlete keep ...
February 19th, 2017 / InspiringNuggets / 0 comments

Can Love Really Last A Lifetime?

A friend told me he went to buy a tuxedo in Manhattan, New York a few years ago. The shopkeeper asked what occasion he was shopping for. He mentioned that he was shopping for his wedding. The man replied " Do people still get married these days?" Just like that man asked that question, many people wonder " Can love really last a lifetime?' Some even ask, " Can I really find true love?" My answer to both questions is  ...
February 13th, 2017 / InspiringNuggets / 0 comments

Take The Limits Off – This Is How.

Recently I have noticed how  so many people place limits on their lives. They say things like, "...people in my family do not do that well, how can I be different" or " ...I wished I was raised in a different neighborhood, my life would have been very different" I want to let you know, there is no limit to how far you can go in life. If there is no limit in your mind, there is no limit ...
February 4th, 2017 / InspiringNuggets / 0 comments

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