Desire More!

I was driving to work yesterday morning, decided to get a warm drink , so I drove into Starbucks to join a line of other drivers that wanted to start their day with a cup of coffee. While I waited at the drive-through for my turn, I reflected on the simple chain of events that led to driving up to the coffee store that morning. I had a desire for a warm drink, I thought ...
March 19th, 2015 / Julia / 2 comments

Acts of Kindness

My family and I live on the East Coast of United States, for us really cold winter months is not unusual.  I still remember when my husband and I bought our home shortly after we got married, the neighborhood was new to us and we really did not know anyone close by. Our move took place during the winter months, and on several occasions it snowed. We woke up most mornings  after a night of ...
March 1st, 2015 / Julia / 2 comments

Finding True Love

By Cari Littau Do you have memories of your college days or your young dating lives?  Such a whirlwind of emotions and the newness of young love….ah! What priceless memories!  But if you are like me, behind all those glorified memories of my teens and early adult years lies a cloud of regret from choices I made in dating. As a young naive girl, my sole understanding of the word purity was “no premarital sex”.  When ...
February 21st, 2015 / Julia / 2 comments

Make It a Bull Year!

Every day, tourists and New York residents alike flock to the financial district in downtown Manhattan to view the “Charging Bull” - an iconic symbol of American capitalism. My daily work commute runs through this part of town and I am always intrigued by the number of people who stop by, regardless of time of day or weather condition, patiently standing in line, waiting for their turn to take pictures , resolutely intent on taking ...
January 18th, 2015 / Julia / 3 comments

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