3 Ways to Finish The Year Strong!

In a few days we will usher in a New Year. While some may be thinking where did the year go?  Others may be looking through their accomplishments and mapping out what needs to be done before the year ends. Irrespective of the category you belong to, you can finish the year strong. What does finishing the year strong mean to you? Success is measured differently in different situations by different people. What is a successful year from your perspective? ...
December 18th, 2015 / Julia / 2 comments

Let Nothing Hold You Back.

I recently read an account of a young boy who had an interesting conversation with a man selling balloons. The African-American boy asked the man if a black balloon can float as high as other balloons. The man responded that it is the content of  the balloon that determines how far it will fly not its color. That account bought something important to mind, what determines how far anyone goes in life is the potential  in them and what is done with it. The ...
June 14th, 2015 / Julia / 5 comments

Are You Ready …?

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Bobby Unser The prevailing question on my mind as I write this post is: "... when the right opportunity comes, will you be ready?". I recently watched a video biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story was told of how he desired to be body builder at a very young age. Even though the odds were strongly against him to ever accomplish that goal, he engaged in a very rigorous daily ...
May 31st, 2015 / Julia / 10 comments

Daily Routines?

Getting from where you are today to where you want to be takes determination and consistently doing the "right things". This short video by Brian Tracy is simply motivational, take a few minutes to listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu5I85_YAak&sns=em
March 28th, 2015 / Julia / 2 comments

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