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Julia is an entrepreneur and founder at Foodniche Inc. She derives joy and gratification from encouraging people. She adopts a very practical and straight to the point approach to her writing to uplift readers.
She writes with a goal to motivate people to bring out the best in them. She married her best friend and sweetheart in 2006, they live together in NJ with their two boys.

How To Stand Out Of The Crowd

Closeup Yellow Sticky Note paste it in a notebook setting an appointment. The words Stand out of the crowd written on a white notebook to remind you an important appointment.

How do you feel when you meet people who are so different from you? Do you feel uncomfortable? Intrigued? Excited or indifferent ?

Sometimes you could even be the one that feels so  different from everyone else.

Your dreams are different your life goals are different.

Ever been there?

Celebrate your “uniqueness”.

Every single person is unique.  The simple steps below will help people discover and admire your “uniqueness”.

Never Try To Be Someone Else:  invest your time and effort to be the best you can be. You cannot be that other person,  no matter how much you admire him/her.

Be the best you, let others admire your talents and your strengths.  Think about a diamond, in its raw form does not look admirable at all.

It simply looks crude and almost worthless. After processing and  lots of hard work, it looks shiny and valuable.

Still the same object, what changed? Someone invested time and effort to bring out the value for all to see.

Can you imagine someone trying to make a completely different object out of a diamond?

Be original,  be true to who you are. If you do not admire what you have, no one else will.

Look at your self in the mirror and love the person you see. With or without curves, tall or short, dark or fair, big or small, admire what you have and who you are.

Forget what you may have been told before, simply love who you are.

Believe in Your Dreams: Sometimes your dreams and passion may be so different from everyone else.

Never feel intimidated, believe in that dream and invest all you can in it.  I have a friend who grew up in a culture where everyone took education very seriously.

Every parent want their children to attend a professional school, become a lawyer , doctor or any other similar profession.

My friend wanted to become an artist, he did not only have the desire, he had the talent for it.

Going to college to study fine arts was not his parent’s dream for him but he stayed with it.  His friends taught he was unusual but he was not deterred. He graduated  Summa Cum laud in fine arts proceeded to earn two graduate degrees in fine art. His artwork being displayed in different galleries around the world.

He is happy and fulfilled today living his dreams mainly because he didn’t allow peer pressure and people’s expectations derail him from his dreams.

No one knows what makes you happy and fulfilled except you. Identify what you truly want and stay with it no matter what.

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How To Stay Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up


The dedication and determination of athletes come to mind when I think about goals and life plans.

When we set goals, and obstacles come our way what do we do?

Just throw in the towel and move to another project or set new goals?

No! We keep running towards our goals with our eyes set on the finish line like an athlete would.

Can you imagine an athlete competing at the Olympics giving-up?

No, they don’t and the main reason is because they are determined and committed to their goals.

I recently watched an athlete compete and he sprained his ankle during the race. He had legitimate reasons to quit the race and nurse his sprained ankle but guess what? He did not, he kept running and limping with his eyes fixed on the finish line till the very end.

Here are two simple strategies to stay focused:

1. Think about why you started : Why did you decide to write that book ? Or why did you decide to go back to college?

When you feel like quitting, take a moment to reflect on why you started the venture in the first place.

Carefully think about how much successfully completing the task will mean to you.

What will be the impact of quitting on you and your loved ones ?

It does not take any effort to quit, you simply stop trying.

However, success awaits those who persevere and refuse to give up.

Remember : “winners never quit and quitters never win” – Robert Schuller

2. Stay Motivated :  It is important to stay motivated at all times, especially during difficult times.

” People often say motivation does not last,  well, neither does bathing and that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Listen to people who inspire you and call forth the best in you. Look for and make time to read or listen to resources that inspire you.

Most importantly, inspire yourself. Think back on tough times that you have faced and succeeded. Draw strength from knowing that this will not be any different either.

Self motivation is the most powerful form of motivation. So look at your self in the mirror and say:

“My best days are ahead of me, I am destined for greatness.

I am not a quitter, I am a winner, I win always.”

Don’t give up! Stay Focused!

You are destined to win!

2 Powerful Tips That Can Change Your Life


There are times in life when a seemingly perfect opportunity presents itself and it is not even perceived as an opportunity until it is long gone.

You may have heard people say:   “Once  the right opportunity to present itself and I will return to college or start a business.

Should we really wait for opportunities?

This may be a coincidence but opportunities seem to present itself to people who are actively doing something not those waiting.

Have you been waiting for your life to change? For an amazing door of opportunity to open?

Stop waiting, start doing something to create the future you desire today. These two tips will change your life if you take it seriously.

1. Change the way you think

“if you think you can or  you can’t…you are right” – Henry Ford

It all starts with your perceptions, think possibilities, see possibilities. You will change what happens around you by changing how you think.

Think about this scenario:

A young man, Shawn, who dropped out of high school seven years ago,  recently got laid off his job. He has no technical skills whatsoever, and has had difficulty getting jobs from time to time. He is tired of looking for jobs almost every 8 months but does not know what to do.

Shawn can sit down and think about all the frustrations in his life right now and the ones he endured in the past.

He could even take it further by looking for people in his life that could be held responsible for his current predicament.

This thought pattern may lead to bitterness and resentment among other things. One thing is certain, this thought pattern will not lead him out of his current predicament.

Alternatively, he can decide to think of the possibility of a bright future, not limited by his past pain or misfortune but shaped by his determination to succeed.

Taking responsibility for his life and determined to make a change, he can start engaging in activities that will add value to him.  Map out a strategy to the future he desires and work hard towards it

Taking the right steps out of the problem starts by changing the way you think. Thinking more about what can be done with what you have rather than focus on what was done or not done in the past.

2. Change what you say

As simple as this sounds, it is very powerful. Our words create our reality. Instead of speaking defeating words that will dampen your morale, stand up and declare what you desire for your life! These positive declarations will energize you and beyond that shape your future.

What opportunities do you desire? Start creating those opportunities today by changing the way you think about the situation and what you say about it.

While these two tips are important, it does not stop there. Work hard to create the future you desire, persevere in the face of difficulty and watch your dream come true.

2 Valuable Tips When Transitioning To The Next Level


You Are The Writer Of Your Own Story written on desert road

Have you ever been through a phase in your life where it appears as if you are moving out of your comfort zone?

Just when you thought everything is perfect, your routine established , then change comes.

This change is not always desirable or easy to handle.

Most times it is uncomfortable, you feel like you have been stretched.

I have been there and  I can categorically tell you that I really did not like it.

However, I found so much fulfillment outside my comfort zone that the stretching is worth it.

These are tips I found really valuable during transitions in my life, hope you find them useful too.

Stretching may be uncomfortable but beneficial :

Knowing with certainty in your heart that  growth and progress lie outside of your comfort zone is  encouraging.

Beyond the stretching and the discomfort that may come with it lie your desired end.

Think about adopting  a new exercise regimen,

After your first exercise routine, you feel the pain and  discomfort that comes with exercise muscles being worked on for the first time.

No matter how you feel after the first exercise routine, if you persevere the discomfort will disappear and your well toned muscles will emerge.

The same thing applies to our lives as well. When you  persevere, not only will the pain become a thing of the past but your life will be moved to a whole new level.

No matter what the going feels like right now, remember this:

“ Tough times never last but tough people do”- Robert Schuler

Keep the end in mind and fully understand all things are working for your good.

Stay Motivated:

Transition period could be emotionally draining and thoughts of quitting may  persist.

It is important to stay motivated now, more than ever.

Using the analogy of an exercise regimen used earlier.

When adopting a new exercise regimen, some practical things keep you going when you feel like quitting.

Having a coach or finding peer support keeps you motivated.

I remember when I started running, running with a friend was quite helpful to me.

Even if you do not have a personal coach, find motivational resources online or videos on YouTube  to  listen to.

You can even look at your self in the mirror and encourage yourself. Declare the desired end, even when nothing looks like it right now.

Call yourself what you want to be and begin to create the world you desire with your words.

Believe in yourself and believe in God and nothing will be impossible to you!!









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