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InspiringNuggets is a fast growing motivational website which was created with a simple and clear goal.
To provide short and inspiring articles that will help people to:
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Practical Tips For Great Friendships


A true friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”- Walter Winchell

Who do you have in your network?

Who do you call friends?

Do you have moments when you wonder who should be in your close network?

When going is tough how many people stick around?


You know what you want in your friendships:

You want people around you that add value to you.

People that are not intimidated by your successes or ambitions.

Friends that add value to you and are teachable enough to learn from you.

People that believe in you and call out the best in you.

Friends that stick with you during difficult times and good times too.

Friends add so much value to daily life but some friends could be toxic as well.

It is important to carefully examine your friendship to identify the relationships that you should  invest in and the ones  you need to stay away from.

Why ?

The people you surround yourself with, will determine how far you will go in life.

You might have 2000 friends on Facebook but you know the few that are truly dear to your heart.


There are different ways people classify friendships but I will give two simple categories:

1. General Friends:

These are different types of people you have met over the years: high school friends, college friends, friends from former jobs. You keep in touch once in a while but you are not really close.

These category of friends are  mainly acquaintances you have made on your journey but not necessarily close friends to you in any way.

Should you share your dreams and ambition with these friends?


Maybe not.

What should you expect from these friendships?

Maybe nothing more that seasonal greetings…

It is possible that a friendship  you started in these circles may mature into deeper relationship but some cases it does not.

Enjoy the friendship for what it is.

Growth Friends:

These are friends that grow with you through different phases in lives.

There is a mutual understanding and bonding that keeps you together over the years.

These are people who have a vision for their lives and are consistently adding value to themselves.

Sometimes they are simply people you can confide in.

Some may be supportive friends, that support you in difficult times.

Some growth friends encourage you towards your dreams and you reciprocate such.

Friendship is important, to accomplish your goals you need people who will encourage you, challenge to go further.

Don’t surround yourself with people who drain you.

Don’t surround yourself with people who make you feel inadequate

Surround yourself with people you can grow together. People that believe in you

Think about this scenario:

When you plant a seed, the seed has the potential to grow and blossom.

There are many factors that contribute to the plant’s growth.

Moisture, adequate sunshine, nutrients from the soil and many more.

If the sun exposure is too much, the plant may be scorched to death.

The same applies when moisture or soil nutrient is lacking or inadequate, the plant suffers equally.

This also applies to every individual. Every individual has the potential to be the best they can possibly be.

There are several factors that affect how far anyone can go in life, one of such factors is friendships.

Choose your friends wisely.

Thinking about how to find the type of friends you desire ?

Be that person, be the supportive friend, be the one that encourages

You will attract a friend like you.

You are destined for greatness, surround yourself with people who join hands with you to make that happen.

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” — Amy Poehler


Photo credit: Jens Johnson


How To Find Purpose In Life

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You find yourself and find that purpose for your life.

We have a video from an expert in the field. Listen to this video by John Maxwell.



How To Bury Your Past


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Today’s video pick focuses on helping you to move on. Terri speaks from experience on the subject with practical, easy to follow tips.

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