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Lessons From Sara Blakely’s Success Story

Sara Blakely

Written by Sneha Agrawal

Sara says that, “I never dreamed that visible panty lines and uncomfortable thongs would inspire me to become an inventor”. Usually, dreamers and entrepreneurs have a passion in their heart for a particular idea. Sara Blakely was the one who had a knack for law degree and wanted to become a lawyer at first. She sat for LSAT and did not make through it. She never dreamed that after a few years, she would start her own brand, that too catering to one of her dreaded nightmares. She must have gone through a lot of thought change process in order to do what she did and achieve what she never imagined. Sara is now a proud owner of the famous undergarment brand SPANX, and is a young self-made billionaire with a net worth of $1.05 billion.

Sara started her career with Walt Disney World but soon shifted to sales with a company named Danka. She had the job of selling fax machine door-to-door and was quite successful at that. Soon, at the age of 25, she became national sales trainer at Danka. This was the time when she was supposed to wear pantyhose in hot climate, that to the one that showed seam lines at the foot area. She hated the fact that she was supposed to wear these uncomfortable pantyhose with open toed shoes. She hated those pantyhose, at that moment, so much that she cut them from the bottom. It obviously did not look that gracious, but that ignited an idea in Sara’s brain. She thought that she can reform these pantyhose and make it more stylish and comfortable. She thought she can make a great shape wear out of it. Sara then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. and she worked there with Danka for two years. She saved $5000 out of her job and at kept developing on her idea of pantyhose meanwhile.

Success stories are never like a smooth sailing story, they are always full of road blocks and hurdles, and Sara’s story is no exception. Sara underwent a lot of troubles, especially because she never had any past experience in this field. All she had was her gut feeling, and she did rely on it heavily for all her decisions. Initially, Sara had to get patent rights for her idea and because of cash crunch she ended up writing her own patent, with the help of a law-book. She had to go to every hosiery mill and representative in North Carolina to sell her idea of pantyhose. She got rejection from every place except one who was forced by his two daughters to take Sara’s idea.

Blakely also found out a few loopholes that prevailed in this garment segment, at that point in time. She exploited those loopholes immensely and made her product shine. She introduced a lot of small but noticeable innovations, right from product packaging to the product brand name. She settled for the name SPANX because the name was funny and worth remembering. Because of lack of funds, Sara drove from store to store for one whole year and conduct SPANX rally to educate people on her product.

She made a lot of crazy decision, just because her gut said her to do it. Like this one, when she entered a reality show for three months, leaving SPANX behind. She met Richards Branson in that show, who later helped her out with her business and philanthropic goals.

Sara did SPANX for all those women who wanted comfort with style. She did lot many philanthropic works like donating $1 million to Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. She became the first woman billionaire to pledge half of her wealth for charity purposes, by joining Giving Pledge.

Sara is one among the rare who do not fear venturing into the unknown. One of her favorite give away to rest of the world is, “Don’t let what you don’t know scare you, because it can become your greatest asset.” And if you do things without knowing how they have always been done, you’re guaranteed to do them differently.


This article was originally published on inspiring nuggets in 2016

Adopting Our Kids- A Dream Come True

Renee's family

By Renee Ransom

My husband and I met on a playground of Xi’an International School in Shaanxi, China. From our first date, we discussed our dreams for our lives, and adoption was something we both wanted. For us, having biological children was not in the cards’ or something that we wanted. We knew there are millions of kids without parents, and we could not justify bringing more into the world while many grew up in less than ideal situations.

My husband and I are different from many adoptive families, in that we do not believe adoption is a ministry, or should be seen that way. Ministry to orphans is sponsoring kids, ministering to orphans, building and donating to orphanages, helping to fund adoptions, etc. Adoption, however, is building a family and taking the good with the bad. It’s not something you can escape from, or put down when it gets hard. And it’s  definitely not a (ministry) project! For us, adoption was simply the way we chose to build our family. I am happy to have the opportunity to share with you our adoption experience. If adopting kids is also your dream, I hope you find these tips from our story useful.

1. Get familiar with the process: After we had been married for two years (the minimum requirement for adoption from most countries) we chose an agency, and began to see where we could adopt from. At that point in time, there were really only two countries open to us, and we chose Ethiopia. It fits best with our needs, and with the vision we had for our family.

2. Be patient: Patience is quality should either have before you begin the process or develop during the process. This is because you will submit your application, and wait. You might do the home study, and wait. You might also fill out immigration paperwork, and wait. In our own case we did a lot of waiting. Then finally we received a call, and were told there was a sibling group waiting for us. We opened the email to see our kids, two handsome, but extremely malnourished and sad-looking boys. We accepted the match, then waited some more. We submitted the initial paperwork in June of 2008, and in October of 2009 we flew to Ethiopia and we became a family of four!

3. Believe for the best: Many people have heard horror stories about adoption, and the problems people have with the kids” the attachment, the hurt, the trauma from their life. We were very fortunate that we did not see any of these. We bonded immediately with our children, and they to us. We did not see any lingering effects from those things. We even had more than one Social Worker comment that they had never seen kids bond to their adoptive parents the way ours did. I know that’s not because of us, but because God was behind this entire adoption, and He knew the kids that we would need.

4. Be flexible: About a year after our adoption of our boys was complete, we realized our family was not quite done. By this time, we were back living overseas, and the process was a little different. More trips to the Embassy, and dealing with different departments of the US and Chinese and Ethiopian Governments. But the result was the same, a perfect little girl who completed our family. Once again, we had a great experience, and did not see any of the usual adoption issues. Our family is now complete, and we are thankful God allowed us to build our family this way!

5. Be committed: I don’t want this to look like adoption is always perfect. We are a trans-racial family, and that has its own challenges. But just like no family is perfect, we work together and deal with the challenges as they arise. We are a family, not related by blood, but by something stronger. We are bound together by choice, by a decision to open our hearts and build our family. We are truly thankful for the lovely family we are blessed with.

If adoption is a desire of your heart as well, believe you can, be patient, persevere and you will see your dreams come true.

Renee Ransom is a native of Texas, who makes her home in China. She is a married to her wonderful husband Josh, and is the mom to three amazing kids. She loves to travel, enjoys coffee, butterfingers, and an occasional carrots


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Follow Your Dreams – A Success Story




Joy Behar is a known face of American entertainment industry. She is a writer, actress and a known comedian. She has co-hosted the famous ABC talk show, “The View”. Other talk shows that she hosted are the Joy Behar Show and Joy Behar: Say Anything. Apart from this, Joy Behar has also made appearance in a few theater shows.

Joy Behar had a very humble start in life. Her mother was a seamstress and her father was a truck driver. Behar did her college from Queens College and got her BA in sociology. She then did her MA in English from State University of New York at Stony Brook. She joined Lindenhurst Senior High School in Ney York to teach English to High School students. She carried on with being a teacher for more than one decade.

It was in the year 1979 when Joy Behar got the first signal which got her thinking about her dream career. Joy was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy in 1979 which would have almost killed her. It was this time when Joy re thought about her whole life, her dreams and finally quit her teaching job. She had a knack for acting and to pursue that dream she started from the very basic. She joined as a receptionist with Good Morning America. Her next step in achieving her dream was to become the producer of Good Morning America. Joy also performed comedy routine in different New York’s night clubs in hope of getting discovered. This actually helped Joy’s career as she kept getting positive reviews for her performance.

Joy got her first big break in 1997 when she won to be a co-host for a daily morning show. She started with the show The View and gave 16 years of her life to make it a legendary show. In the year 2009 Joy did her own talk show The Joy Behar Show, aired on CNN. Recently she participated in the reality show Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown and earned fourth place. In the year 2011, Joy did a comedy film named Hall Pass and played the part of Dr. Lucy.

There is one famous quote of Joy Behar which describes her thought process and is an inspiration for all, “You reach a point when you say to yourself, ‘Do I want to keep doing this?’ There are other things on my plate I want to do – I’ve been writing a play; I’ve been neglecting my stand-up”.

Editor’s note:  It does not matter where you are now, don’t wait for others to believe in your dream. Work hard to make it a reality and watch everyone else come around to applaud your success



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How To Build Strong Relationships-1

Portrait Of Loving Couple In Countryside

Imagine this.

You meet two people and it is so obvious they are in love.

In your mind you are thinking , ” this is so cute, most likely they are planning their wedding.”

A few minutes later you start chatting with them, only to find out they have been married for almost 10 years  and even have children.

So what comes to mind next?

Maybe a question such as: ” How do you build lasting love relationships?” or ” How do you nurture marriage relationships”?

I remember as a young girl I used to wonder how love can last forever. I had questions on what it takes to build a strong  relationship.

Long before I got married, I started paying attention to people with admirable marriage relationship just to learn what they do differently that make their marriage beautiful. I also started feeding off materials on the subject.  One thing I have realized is that since we are all different, there is no “one size fit all” approach to relationships. However, there are general principles that cuts across the board and form the bedrock of strong relationships.

One key principle that I have learnt is TRUST.

Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships. Nothing could be more disheartening than to find out that your partner  is completely different from who you thought he/she was.

You are not perfect.

Guess what? No one is.

Love who you are, don’t try to be someone else.

Instead, work at becoming the best “you” you can possibly be. Just as you are not perfect, your partner is not perfect either. Accept him/her the way he/she is and grow together.

Look out for more tips in upcoming posts. I love to read from you. Leave your questions and comments below. Thank you


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