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No matter what situation you face in life you can do two things about it: complain or take action.

The story I will be sharing with you today captures someone who chose to do something about his pain.

What makes this more interesting is the fact that the person involved is a young 10-year-old.

Cory lives with her single mom in New Jersey and takes the bus around.

One day he told his mom to buy a car because he is tired of waiting for buses in the cold.

His mom could not afford a car so Cory made a suggestion, ” lets start selling hot cocoa..”

They started selling cookies and his business grew .

It grew to the point that it attracted popular TV shows expanding the business even further.

Apart form being the CEO of his own company, popular brands signed him up to model their products. Some of such brands are Ralph Laurel and Tommy Hilfiger

What challenge are you facing today?

What will you rather do?

Complain or Act?

The choice is yours.

Remember complaining does not change the problem, it only changes you.

It changes you by changing your attitude.

Think about what you can do to solve the problem, really there is something you can do.

Be inspired as you watch Cory’s story here





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