4 Important Reasons To Keep A Journal

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Editor’s note:  Are you a woman who desire to start keeping a journal? Confidence Journal For Career Women is a great journal any woman would benefit from. It provides daily action tips and encouragement, that will motivate you to move from where you are to where you want to be. Grab your copy here! Not sure if you should keep a journal? Check out this practical article by Sara Gaylon.

Gone are the days of our youth with tiny locks and dear diary entries. Or are they? Keeping a journal as an adult can have many benefits to your mind and soul.  Here are a few of the great results of keeping a journal.

1. Achieving Goals

Goals mean very little if you don’t tell someone about them, even if that someone is yourself in your journal. We tend to keep a running list in our heads of all the things we want to accomplish, but writing them down helps us take that first step of prioritizing what is important. After prioritizing a journal helps you keep up with your progress on your goals, and seeing progress is a great emotional boost towards accomplishing those goals.

2. Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is something we often overlook in our personal development, more often we focus on skills we have that are marketable. However learning to process our own emotions, a natural byproduct of journaling, helps to increase that emotional intelligence, allowing us to become more empathetic to the feelings of others. Who wouldn’t see that as a marketable skill?

3. Self Discipline

Forming habits are hard, but beginning the process of journaling is a great way to start one habit in your life. Setting time aside each day to journal can begin that process of habit formation and self-discipline. Beginning one habit can carry over into other areas of your life, eating well, exercising, meditation etc. Gotta start somewhere right?

4. Practicing Gratitude

We live in an amazingly negative culture. The media tells us that we need more and more, because what we have isn’t good enough. Including gratitude notes in your journal reminds you of all of the great things you have right now. This practice of intentionally looking at the blessings in your life puts your brain on a positive cycle, as the brain struggles to focus on the positive and the negative at the same time. So use journaling to retrain your brain to thought of gratitude, and see if that doesn’t make a difference in your attitude!

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