3 Tips For Starting Your Day Strong


Have you ever wondered how to start your day strong …?

Starting your day in such a way that enhances your productivity?

One thing I have come to terms with is that the way you start your day shapes the entire  day.

Doing these 3 things will shape your day in an amazing way.

Start your day taking care of yourself.

Invest in yourself, spirit, soul and body.

Wondering how to do this?

I have listed the 3 most important points below.

1. Start your day with God:

Making a conscious effort to nourish your spirit is one of the best ways to start your morning.

I personally enjoy listening to inspiring music as I pray in early in the morning. I find this habit very energizing. I feel all pumped before my day starts.

What many of us do not realize is that, day-to-day activities drain us.
There is a need to consciously replenish ourselves.

The best way to get this done is to  spend sometime in prayer.

Find what works best for you. If you have little children you might want to plan a time when they are still in bed to eliminate distractions.

No matter what you choose to do, remember you are a spirit, you live in a body and you have a soul.

Taking care of your spirit is actually taking care of you.

2.  Exercise :

Incorporating a great work out regimen into your morning is another way to give your morning a great start.

Apart for the health benefits that come with a great exercise regimen.

A good exercise gives you a great energy boost.

3. Think Through Your Day and Have A Plan :

Start your day by thinking through the entire day.

What will you like to accomplish today?

Write down the ultimate goal for the day.

Write down activities you need to carry out to make your ultimate goal for the day a reality.

Spend time to think through your day, and plan for it.

When you have a good plan to succeed, you will.

Success on a daily basis leads to a successful year.

Successful years equal successful life.

Start creating the life you want today.

You will be glad you did.


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Julia is an entrepreneur and founder at Foodniche Inc. She derives joy and gratification from encouraging people. She adopts a very practical and straight to the point approach to her writing to uplift readers. She writes with a goal to motivate people to bring out the best in them. She married her best friend and sweetheart in 2006, they live together in NJ with their two boys.


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