3 Simple Truths Everyone Should Know About Words.

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Something dropped on your toe, you cussed out loud.

You seem to enjoy the way people around you get amused when you cuss or say something negative.

Complaining and whining about your problems seem to draw sympathy from others and you really cannot imagine what you can do differently.

Words, they are just words right? They really do not affect anything? Do they? You really can say anything you want whenever you want. There are absolutely no consequences whatsoever? Right? WRONG!

Just in case you miss my response the first time. Your words are powerful, they shape your world around you.

  1. Your words are like dynamite:   Think about it, there are some people you know, they always complain about something. Every single time you see them they have something to complain about. They never seem to run short of things to complain about. Have you ever wondered why? It is simple, they have created their world by their words. Just as dynamite can disrupt or rearrange what we see in a short time. Your words are powerful and have the potential to shape your life
  2. Change your words, change your life: if you do not like what you see around you, check the way you think about the situation. Your thoughts shape the words you speak, your words shape your reality. Sit down, write down what you desire and start working towards it. Let your words agree with what you believe, declare what you desire regularly.
  3. Your words can make you attractive or otherwise: people can be attracted to you by simply listening to you. Every time you speak, they are uplifted and encouraged, they simply want to be around you or call you. Think about it, will you want to be around a person that discourage you or dampen your morale? No one will.

Your words are powerful, they do not only shape your world but can attract people to you. Carefully think about your words before you speak. Are you adding value to people around you?

The next time you are tempted to complain, cuss or whine. Think carefully about what you are about to say. If those words were to come true, will you be happy and content? Or will it be the exact opposite? Make it a great week!


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Julia is an entrepreneur and founder at Foodniche Inc. She derives joy and gratification from encouraging people. She adopts a very practical and straight to the point approach to her writing to uplift readers. She writes with a goal to motivate people to bring out the best in them. She married her best friend and sweetheart in 2006, they live together in NJ with their two boys.


2 thoughts on “3 Simple Truths Everyone Should Know About Words.

  1. Yes, your words are powerful, but sometimes some people spend a lot of time saying terrible things and seem to get away with it.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. We never really know how things play out in peoples lives since we are not with them all the time.

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