I particularly enjoy movies set in medieval times. I am always eager to see how the story unfolds. Especially movies that have a good plot, every step is intriguing and the end of the story is unpredictably good.

I was reflecting on a situation recently and one thing that came to mind is that each day we are writing a story.

The decisions we make, the actions we take, all add twist and turns to this story.

How will your story end?

Will this be your story

” He had big dreams, he worked really hard but difficult times came he could not handle it. He gave up, we really do not know what became of him.”


” He had big dreams, he worked really hard, difficult times came. No one understands how he made it through but he did.  He exceeded all expectations in his pursuits….”

How will your story be told?

You decide.

Since you are the one writing the story, you get to decide how it ends.

You cannot control what people do to you or say to you but you can control how it affects you or how you respond to it.

You cannot control roadblocks that may come your way but you can decide to overcome it or give up and walk away.

You cannot prevent the delays that may come your way in the pursuit of your dreams but you can decide to persevere or quit.

The decisions you make…

The actions you take…

…shape the story of your life.

As you read this post, think about what you do on a daily basis…

Those actions are creating a script, do you like the script you are writing?

If you do not like what you are writing you can change it…

Start now! You can do it so go for it.