I woke up this morning with gratitude in my heart for so many reasons.

Have you ever been in a place when you reflect and cannot wrap your mind around how you accomplished the things you accomplished within the time frame you did?

For me, the time frame is 5 years, thinking back on where I was 5 years ago and where I am now, I cannot help but marvel. In the past 5 years I have built two companies hiring more than 30 people. It might not sound like a big deal to you but if you know anything about me you will realize that if I can do this anyone can. Some people have entrepreneurial ambition right from a tender age. I never did! As a teenager even up till my twenties I had other aspirations, pursued them and made progress in that direction.

My eyes opened to entrepreneurial pursuits in my thirties. Reflecting on the past few years, I realize that the same principle that worked for me applies regardless of the area of interest.

To accomplish much in a short time:

  1. Believe you can: It does not matter what your interest are, if you do not believe you can be successful, you never will.  Do not wait for people to applaud you or approve of your plans before you start. Get started where you are, the applaud will eventually come later.  You need to have that confidence in yourself and your abilities to accomplish your goals.

If you believe you can or you cannot …you are right . -Henry Ford

  1. Persevere : Success and perseverance seem to go hand in hand. There is nothing like instant success or overnight success. I have heard people describe businesses as overnight successes. If you ask the founding team they will tell you the night was two years long. So many people give up on their ideas simply because it did not succeed as quickly as they hoped. Persevere, seek advice from people who have succeeded at doing what you are doing.
  2. Educate Yourself: the importance of self-development cannot be over-emphasized. Study as many reputable resources in your field, acquire knowledge you need to accomplish the goal. The more you learn, the more you realize you have to learn and the faster you grow.

4.Make Plans & Work hard: There is no way around it, success comes through hard work. Map out a plan to accomplish what you desire to accomplish and work hard to see it succeed. It surely will. You can do it, so go for it!


Written by Julia Olayanju