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How To Stand Out Of The Crowd

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How do you feel when you meet people who are so different from you? Do you feel uncomfortable? Intrigued? Excited or indifferent ?

Sometimes you could even be the one that feels so  different from everyone else.

Your dreams are different your life goals are different.

Ever been there?

Celebrate your “uniqueness”.

Every single person is unique.  The simple steps below will help people discover and admire your “uniqueness”.

Never Try To Be Someone Else:  invest your time and effort to be the best you can be. You cannot be that other person,  no matter how much you admire him/her.

Be the best you, let others admire your talents and your strengths.  Think about a diamond, in its raw form does not look admirable at all.

It simply looks crude and almost worthless. After processing and  lots of hard work, it looks shiny and valuable.

Still the same object, what changed? Someone invested time and effort to bring out the value for all to see.

Can you imagine someone trying to make a completely different object out of a diamond?

Be original,  be true to who you are. If you do not admire what you have, no one else will.

Look at your self in the mirror and love the person you see. With or without curves, tall or short, dark or fair, big or small, admire what you have and who you are.

Forget what you may have been told before, simply love who you are.

Believe in Your Dreams: Sometimes your dreams and passion may be so different from everyone else.

Never feel intimidated, believe in that dream and invest all you can in it.  I have a friend who grew up in a culture where everyone took education very seriously.

Every parent want their children to attend a professional school, become a lawyer , doctor or any other similar profession.

My friend wanted to become an artist, he did not only have the desire, he had the talent for it.

Going to college to study fine arts was not his parent’s dream for him but he stayed with it.  His friends taught he was unusual but he was not deterred. He graduated  Summa Cum laud in fine arts proceeded to earn two graduate degrees in fine art. His artwork being displayed in different galleries around the world.

He is happy and fulfilled today living his dreams mainly because he didn’t allow peer pressure and people’s expectations derail him from his dreams.

No one knows what makes you happy and fulfilled except you. Identify what you truly want and stay with it no matter what.

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Four Effective Ways To Become More Disciplined


Have you ever struggled with discipline?

You start a new routine with so much energy.

Not only did you start with so much energy…

You were certain this routine will change your life.

This thought fills your heart with so much joy and excitement.

…but your excitement only lasted a few weeks.

The energy you had seem to drain off with every passing day.

What happened?

How can you prevent this from happening again?

This post focuses on how to  become more discipline.

1. Keep your eyes on the prize :

You started this routine for a reason.

Your reason maybe to lose 30 pounds and fit perfectly into your wedding dress.

Or  train regularly to run a marathon in a year

Whatever your goal is, connect with it.

Visualize the end result and keep it in-front of you daily.

See yourself fit into that lovely dress you desire.

Get a clear visual of your end result

See it daily.

Let it excite you…

…Motivate you

…and keep you energized.

Connecting with your  desired endpoint goes a long way to keep you motivated.

2. Make it a priority.

Start your day with the things on your priority list.

Before you get on social media or reply emails .

Make the routine that leads to your goal a priority.

Get the routine out the way early in your day.

3. Schedule block time

Map out a regular time for your routine.

Create a block of time to write every day.

Block out all distractions during this time frame and focus on the task on hand.

By doing this you can accomplish your goals easily and have something to celebrate.

4. Celebrate small wins

Keep yourself motivated by celebrating quick wins.

If your goal is to write a book,

Celebrate when you finish a chapter.

Give yourself  pat on the back and energize your self to do more.

You can be disciplined.


…anyone can develop discipline by taking practical steps to do so.

” Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment – Jim Rohn”


Adopting Our Kids- A Dream Come True

Renee's family

By Renee Ransom

My husband and I met on a playground of Xi’an International School in Shaanxi, China. From our first date, we discussed our dreams for our lives, and adoption was something we both wanted. For us, having biological children was not in the cards’ or something that we wanted. We knew there are millions of kids without parents, and we could not justify bringing more into the world while many grew up in less than ideal situations.

My husband and I are different from many adoptive families, in that we do not believe adoption is a ministry, or should be seen that way. Ministry to orphans is sponsoring kids, ministering to orphans, building and donating to orphanages, helping to fund adoptions, etc. Adoption, however, is building a family and taking the good with the bad. It’s not something you can escape from, or put down when it gets hard. And it’s  definitely not a (ministry) project! For us, adoption was simply the way we chose to build our family. I am happy to have the opportunity to share with you our adoption experience. If adopting kids is also your dream, I hope you find these tips from our story useful.

1. Get familiar with the process: After we had been married for two years (the minimum requirement for adoption from most countries) we chose an agency, and began to see where we could adopt from. At that point in time, there were really only two countries open to us, and we chose Ethiopia. It fits best with our needs, and with the vision we had for our family.

2. Be patient: Patience is quality should either have before you begin the process or develop during the process. This is because you will submit your application, and wait. You might do the home study, and wait. You might also fill out immigration paperwork, and wait. In our own case we did a lot of waiting. Then finally we received a call, and were told there was a sibling group waiting for us. We opened the email to see our kids, two handsome, but extremely malnourished and sad-looking boys. We accepted the match, then waited some more. We submitted the initial paperwork in June of 2008, and in October of 2009 we flew to Ethiopia and we became a family of four!

3. Believe for the best: Many people have heard horror stories about adoption, and the problems people have with the kids” the attachment, the hurt, the trauma from their life. We were very fortunate that we did not see any of these. We bonded immediately with our children, and they to us. We did not see any lingering effects from those things. We even had more than one Social Worker comment that they had never seen kids bond to their adoptive parents the way ours did. I know that’s not because of us, but because God was behind this entire adoption, and He knew the kids that we would need.

4. Be flexible: About a year after our adoption of our boys was complete, we realized our family was not quite done. By this time, we were back living overseas, and the process was a little different. More trips to the Embassy, and dealing with different departments of the US and Chinese and Ethiopian Governments. But the result was the same, a perfect little girl who completed our family. Once again, we had a great experience, and did not see any of the usual adoption issues. Our family is now complete, and we are thankful God allowed us to build our family this way!

5. Be committed: I don’t want this to look like adoption is always perfect. We are a trans-racial family, and that has its own challenges. But just like no family is perfect, we work together and deal with the challenges as they arise. We are a family, not related by blood, but by something stronger. We are bound together by choice, by a decision to open our hearts and build our family. We are truly thankful for the lovely family we are blessed with.

If adoption is a desire of your heart as well, believe you can, be patient, persevere and you will see your dreams come true.

Renee Ransom is a native of Texas, who makes her home in China. She is a married to her wonderful husband Josh, and is the mom to three amazing kids. She loves to travel, enjoys coffee, butterfingers, and an occasional carrots


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