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Lessons From Sara Blakely’s Success Story

Sara Blakely

Written by Sneha Agrawal

Sara says that, “I never dreamed that visible panty lines and uncomfortable thongs would inspire me to become an inventor”. Usually, dreamers and entrepreneurs have a passion in their heart for a particular idea. Sara Blakely was the one who had a knack for law degree and wanted to become a lawyer at first. She sat for LSAT and did not make through it. She never dreamed that after a few years, she would start her own brand, that too catering to one of her dreaded nightmares. She must have gone through a lot of thought change process in order to do what she did and achieve what she never imagined. Sara is now a proud owner of the famous undergarment brand SPANX, and is a young self-made billionaire with a net worth of $1.05 billion.

Sara started her career with Walt Disney World but soon shifted to sales with a company named Danka. She had the job of selling fax machine door-to-door and was quite successful at that. Soon, at the age of 25, she became national sales trainer at Danka. This was the time when she was supposed to wear pantyhose in hot climate, that to the one that showed seam lines at the foot area. She hated the fact that she was supposed to wear these uncomfortable pantyhose with open toed shoes. She hated those pantyhose, at that moment, so much that she cut them from the bottom. It obviously did not look that gracious, but that ignited an idea in Sara’s brain. She thought that she can reform these pantyhose and make it more stylish and comfortable. She thought she can make a great shape wear out of it. Sara then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. and she worked there with Danka for two years. She saved $5000 out of her job and at kept developing on her idea of pantyhose meanwhile.

Success stories are never like a smooth sailing story, they are always full of road blocks and hurdles, and Sara’s story is no exception. Sara underwent a lot of troubles, especially because she never had any past experience in this field. All she had was her gut feeling, and she did rely on it heavily for all her decisions. Initially, Sara had to get patent rights for her idea and because of cash crunch she ended up writing her own patent, with the help of a law-book. She had to go to every hosiery mill and representative in North Carolina to sell her idea of pantyhose. She got rejection from every place except one who was forced by his two daughters to take Sara’s idea.

Blakely also found out a few loopholes that prevailed in this garment segment, at that point in time. She exploited those loopholes immensely and made her product shine. She introduced a lot of small but noticeable innovations, right from product packaging to the product brand name. She settled for the name SPANX because the name was funny and worth remembering. Because of lack of funds, Sara drove from store to store for one whole year and conduct SPANX rally to educate people on her product.

She made a lot of crazy decision, just because her gut said her to do it. Like this one, when she entered a reality show for three months, leaving SPANX behind. She met Richards Branson in that show, who later helped her out with her business and philanthropic goals.

Sara did SPANX for all those women who wanted comfort with style. She did lot many philanthropic works like donating $1 million to Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. She became the first woman billionaire to pledge half of her wealth for charity purposes, by joining Giving Pledge.

Sara is one among the rare who do not fear venturing into the unknown. One of her favorite give away to rest of the world is, “Don’t let what you don’t know scare you, because it can become your greatest asset.” And if you do things without knowing how they have always been done, you’re guaranteed to do them differently.


This article was originally published on inspiring nuggets in 2016

You Are Destined For The Top…Nothing Less.


Have you ever tried to immerse a balloon in water?

You try hard with both hands, but what do you experience?

The balloon always comes back to the top.

It does not matter the color  or texture of the balloon, it will always come back to the top.


The content of the balloon …

A similar thing happens when you release a balloon in the air…it floats away to the sky.

The air inside the balloon makes it rise to top

Everyone of us carry the potential in us to rise to the top

You are destined for the top…

You may experience set backs or disappointments .

Painful as it may be, never allow that to keep you down.

Never allow the confidence you have in yourself or in your God to slip away.

Tap into the strength within and rise to your full potential.

Stay strong, stay motivated, you are unstoppable!

4 Important Tips For Understanding People

Multi-ethnic friends at bar's balcony

We all have those people in our lives. The ones who are just really difficult to love. They might have an annoying habit that grates our nerves. Or maybe they have a negative attitude all the time, or are never respectful of our time or space. Whatever reason you have for considering that person difficult, here are a few tips on how to love them anyway.

Remember your own faults

None of us like to admit that we are probably difficult to love in some way. Maybe we have our own annoying habits that gets on other people’s nerves. We all have our “unloveable ” moments, so when you are in that situation with your difficult person, take a breath and remember that you have your own moments of difficulty.

Try to understand their back story

Everyone has a back story, no one became who they are today overnight. If your difficult person isn’t all that close to you, try to find out where they come from. Did they have a difficult childhood? Did they just go through a painful divorce? Do they suffer from a mental health condition? Knowing more about what you are dealing with can help you navigate the best way to love that person, through the difficulty.

Speak up

Sometimes people do things that annoy us, and they never know about it, because we are too polite to say anything. If someone is doing something that is disrespectful or annoying, say something. It doesn’t have to be a fight, you can lovingly say “Listen, I love spending time with you, and I need you to know that when you do ______________ (insert annoying thing here) it really makes me feel disrespected”.

Make a choice

This sounds so simple, but often we don’t make the choice to love someone. We let them earn love, by being beneficial to us in some way, however love shouldn’t have to be earned. It is a gift best freely given. So in those moments of difficulty, take a moment and decide to love them anyway. Think about it, you want to be loved through your difficulty, so choose to love your difficult person through all the mess.

2 Simple Strategies To Spring Forward…Finish Strong


As we enter the final quarter of the year, many thoughts may come to mind.

Thoughts such as: ” this year has been amazing, plans roll out as intended or maybe : ” I need to push harder and accomplish all I have to accomplish”

Whatever the thoughts following through your mind right now, you can spring forward and finish the year strong. Here are some tips:

1. Quality Reflective Time: So many times we go so fast that we do not take time to reflect and think.

Take a pen and your journal, sit down in a quiet place and think. Think about where you want to be at the end of the year.

Think about where you are now, what do you daily that has led you this far?

What do you need to do differently?

Write all these thoughts down.

Project new daily routines that could help you.

Write them all down.

It does not matter how far away you are from where you want to be.

Make time to think about how to reset your life to get the results you desire.

Think deeply about the future you want to create, let the desire fire you up!

Be energized to go for your dreams! You can do it!!

2. Get a coach: If you ever want to accomplish anything faster, get a coach!

A coach will help you stay on course, push you to go further than you can go on your own.

Someone that will hold you accountable while encouraging you.

I love working with a coach and I have more that one really.

A fitness coach,  business coach…, it all depends on where you are in this phase of your life. Get someone who will push you forward in your journey.

Make sure your coach has gone further than you, not someone aspiring to be where you are.

Success in any area of life is intentional, choose the path to success today!!

Do you have other strategies that have worked for you?

Share with us by leaving a comment below.

Photo credit: Pixabay