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Tips For Bringing Out the Best in People

Inspiring Nuggets: Believe in People



Imagine this, you have great friends, your relationship with your spouse is blossoming, your family is not perfect but you get along pretty well. Is this something anyone will desire? Can you build lasting relationships?   I believe you can.

The focus of this post is to highlight some valuable tips on how to  bring out the best in people and have blossoming or lasting relationships. Successful relationships are cultivated, they do not just happen. Below are some tips, hope you find them useful.

1. Focus on the positive: Every one has something admirable about them,  focus on that and not their short comings. When you focus on the good in people, you admire them and this goes a long way to affect the way you relate with them. How do you feel when someone who complains about your every move comes around? Most likely you are slightly withdrawn and you may even be thinking “here we go again”. Think about how you feel when someone who is generous with compliments come around. Even if they do not pass any compliment, you brighten up when you see them. Carefully consider the two scenarios what response would you want from people when you come around?

2. Believe in people:  Nothing brings out the best in people like knowing you have confidence in them. Let people around you know you believe in them. How do you feel knowing that people have confidence in you? Does it warm your heart and inspire you? If you truly believe in their abilities, let them know. You are energizing them to do better than ever.

3. Invest in people:  It takes time to develop a strong relationship, are you ready to invest that time? Sometimes, if not most times it takes more than just making time. Whatever it takes, decide to invest in the people in your life to the best of your ability. Watch the results flow in.

4. Treat others the way you want to be treated: Most times you realize that you really want others to accommodate your short comings,  extend the same hand to others. In every scenario, before you respond, pause and think ” how will I want to be treated”? Or  play the scenarios out in your mind and think ” how will I feel if I was treated that way”? You will be surprised how those simple questions will influence your decisions.

Everyone has something really precious in them. By our actions we can actually bring out the best in people.


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Is Forgiveness Really Important?

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To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner  was you – Louis B Smedes”



If you have ever been hurt before you may have at one point or the other asked the question ” I really have to forgive?” You may even be asking the question right now. I decided to start this post with the quote by Louis Smedes because it fully captures what unforgiveness does to the human mind. Unforgiveness literally keeps you captive, so the question you are actually asking is: ” ..should I really set myself free?”

It is very easy to hand over the control of your life to someone else, such that they control when you are happy and when you are not. Think about it: you really cannot control what people do, or can you? However,  you can control the impact of their activities on you, you can control how you respond to what they do. Just the same way you decide to pay attention or not pay attention to what people say, you can choose to forgive or not to. My goal with this post is to encourage you to forgive. Forgiveness is liberating, it is powerful and essential to a happier you. The first time may be hard but the more you forgive, the easier it becomes.

When an offense come your way, don’t brood on it, making time to think about the offense only makes the situation bigger than it is.  Instead choose to let go, unforgiveness is a burden, let go of  the burden .

I remember listening to one of my mentors describe a painful situation. She walked in on two of her very close acquaintances talking about her and tearing her apart . It was a very painful situation for her , she could not help crying.  She decided to forgive and respond to the people involved in love.  She later recounts that  the experience with her friends made her a stronger person.

No matter the situation you are faced with there is a question for you to answer: will you let go or will you hold on? Or better still , will you allow someone to keep you captive or   will you take charge of your emotions?  The situation is completely up to you, choose to forgive,  and allow love and joy to fill your heart.


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Tips To A Happier You

You are a success

Have you ever wondered if true happiness is possible? Have you wondered if  your heart could ever be  in a place of contentment and satisfaction? It does not mean you do not have any aspirations or goals you are working towards, it just means your heart is at peace and filled with joy.  The points below are important tips for a happier you.

1. True happiness is achievable: Settle it in your heart that you can experience true happiness and have a heart that is at peace. If you read our posts for the month of July, we focused on the importance of  your thoughts. If you think you can be truly happy irrespective of where you are today you will be.

2. Take care of the whole you:  It is important to take care of your body, when you feel great you are in a better position to help others. Eat well, get adequate rest and exercise regularly. It is equally important to take care of your mind.  Enlighten yourself by reading regularly, engage your mind by making time to think. Most importantly, develop your spirit. I have personally realized that having my spirit in a healthy place is crucial to my overall well-being.  Make time to pray and nourish your spirit.

3. Be true to yourself:  there are times people feel pressured to follow a profession because of the societal prestige or to meet family expectations. Down deep within them they long to travel a completely different path. Your life is whatever you make it to be, create the world you desire.  Identify what you really want to do, not what your friends or family think you should be doing. Map out a path to the life you desire and start working towards it. Believe you can accomplish your dreams and you will.

4. Nurture your relationships : Relationships in our lives are important.  Relationships with friends, siblings, spouse, children and parents need to be  nurtured so that they can bloom and flourish. You sometimes do not appreciate how much these relationships mean to you until they are threatened in one way or the other. Do not wait for that to happen, pay attention to your relationships, invest in them. They are valuable to a happier you.

This month we will be sharing different post on developing relationships ( Marriage relationships, relationships with children or friends and more). We will also be posting different articles on building self-esteem and becoming a happier you. Happy new month!!


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