Monthly Archives: July 2014



There are some moments in life that you go through certain situations and tend to appreciate what you have more, I recently experienced that when my Father passed away. His passing is the most painful experience I have ever had. More than ever before I appreciated the privilege I have to call God my father and the ability to lean on him for strength. Anyone going through this phase of life may find the following tips useful.
1. Express yourself: Its so important to express the emotions, don’t suppress it, cry if you need to. While it okay to express yourself it is absolutely crucial to reach out to God for help. One thing I found extremely valuable is spending time praying and asking God to heal my broken heart. I regained emotional strength with every passing day and you can too.
2. Focusing on the beautiful memories we created together when he was alive was quite refreshing. Talking and laughing about the fun times assisted the healing process.

My goal with this post is to encourage anyone experiencing grief and help you realize: God heals and comforts like no one else can. Reach out to him and allow him to soothe your wounds.