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Bringing Out the Best in People (Part II)

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Have you ever worked with someone that believes so much in you and makes it quite obvious?

It is simply energizing!
Wondering how you can start believing in people?

I discussed focusing on people’s strength and not their flaws in Part 1 but really why is that important?

This simple exercise will not change your spouse or significant other but will instead change your perspective and attitude towards them.

You will be surprised that before long you will be pulling out the best in them. The steps listed below is not exhaustive but will help you get started.

  • 1. Start by acknowledging that there is something special about your spouse
  • 2. Make a list of things you appreciate in your spouse and think about it.
  • 3. Voice your thoughts to your spouse, let him/her know you appreciate them, mention specific instances.
  • 4. It is important to realize that your spouse is not perfect, truthfully, no one is.

Making the person dear to your heart realize you appreciate them infuses energy into your relationship. Go for it!


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Bringing Out the Best in People

Several years ago a friend told me that one guiding thought that helped her with her relationship was simply focusing on the positive. It sounded like a good cliché to me but I really did not think much of it. Recently, I was working with someone through a family situation and an analogy came to mind: imagine someone wearing a very lovely blouse, somewhere on the blouse there is a small stain which cannot be easily removed. If you focus on the stain and how bad it is you won’t even notice that the blouse is a lovely one, you will be consumed with the stain. If you take your eyes off the stain, look at the full blouse you will realize that the stain is negligible and in spite of the stain the blouse is still very lovely.
It’s important not spend time thinking on people’s flaws but instead focus on their strengths. Everyone has something unique and precious about them, focusing on those qualities is an important step to building lasting relationships. Take time to think about desirable qualities in your friends, spouses or significant other, you can even make a list and think about it. This somewhat simple step will help you appreciate the people you have in your life and also bring out the best in them.