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Take the limits off.


My son loves reading and from time to time I give him books to read out loud. One evening I gave him a book to read, without opening the book he handed it back to me and simply told me he cannot read it. I asked him why he thought he could not read it, he pointed to the  number two written on top of the book, he said ” it is for second graders and I am not in second grade yet”. I carefully explained what the number meant and encouraged him to open the book and read the first page, he read the entire book.

Just like a simple number on a book made my son believe he cannot read a book he can confidently read, there are many times situations around you paint the wrong picture of you in your mind. Have you ever heard something like, you can never make that team you are too short! You can’t accomplish your dreams, you are too old! Whatever you may have been told, my objective with this post is to encourage you to take those limits off.

Someone may have reminded you of a fact you are already aware of, choose not to allow that fact to limit you from going after your dreams. If you decide not  to go after your dreams now because you are old, two years from now you are two years older and still very far from where you want to be. Don’t allow anything or anyone to place a limit on you, you have so much in you and  can accomplish whatever you set your heart to do.  Go for your dreams!

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Where are you going?


Have you ever asked yourself that simple question ” where do I want to be 10 years from now?” Take a minute to consider this two scenarios:

1. A woman gets up one morning loads up her car and starts a trip without anywhere specifically in mind. She drives around, making a few random turns without a destination in mind nor a map to guide her trip. It does not matter how fast this woman is driving, she is most likely on a journey to no-where.

2. Another woman decides to travel to Alabama from New York. She maps out her trip, decides how many stops she will make on her way and made the appropriate hotel reservation. She gets a global positioning system for direction and shops for other specific items necessary for the trip before heading out. Do you think she is likely to get to her destination? Yes, it is very likely that the woman in the second scenario will have a successful trip because she identified her target,  and equipped herself  to reach that target.

Life is a journey and its important to ask ourselves this simple question ” where am I going?” Create a picture of your desired future in your heart. A picture for where you want to be 10 years from now or 5 years from now, or even a year from now. Write that clear description in your journal and ideas on how to make that a reality flood your heart.

Its important to let everyday move you closer to your dreams

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Stay strong!


Did you set some goals for yourself for this year and it seems like you are falling behind? Don’t get discouraged, think of it this way a new year provides a new opportunity to push your self more and not only accomplish those goals but exceed them.

The tenacity of athletes come to mind as I write this post, competing athletes do not throw in the towel for  any reason. They set their eyes on the finish line and do not stop until they get there. Develop that determined attitude as well, resolve never to give up on your dreams/goals.

Reflect on your goals, are they SMART goals? What could have be done differently to accomplish those goals in the desired time frame? Something as simple as having a support system in place could go a long way in helping you accomplish your goals.

My objective with this post is to encourage you, irrespective of where you are in your journey, stay strong! The best is yet to come.

Note: SMART is an acronym for Specific , Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely by Peter Drunker ( Robert,  2013).

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